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May 31, 2014


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Fantastic :)

Wow, Thank you SO much!

Great News Lynn Samuels Lives on!

This is terrific news!
I love Lynn and I miss her show SO MUCH!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks... I still miss her.

Wonderful news!!!!!!!! She's still very much missed.

Thank You ,Christmas is coming early this year... I can safely say we all miss Lynn ....

She's back! Even heaven didn't know what to do with her.

BTW, will the archive stay or is that being cleared out?

Thanks so much. I happened to just give her website a look and this is such a gift.


Can't wait!

Oh dear…

Please tell me we will get to hear all the Sirius show archives from 2005 onward! That would be the greatest thing ever…

Wow! Love the site! Thank you so much for bringing her back to life for me!! I've missed her so!

I know she's elated that her Hilary is running for president. What I would give to hear her live once again.


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