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March 20, 2013


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http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/1111791/suri-cruise-pucci-04/ Very strange that Suri hair color was darker when she was a baby ,lighter hair color is the norm. Missing Lynn at Easter time ,Lynn loved the Spring .

Thanks for the clip, Billy. Please consider putting more of them up for all of us who loved Lynn. I miss her like crazy.

I guess we're gonna need some comprehensive bomb legislation now.

And I'm hearing all the usual squish code words all over the place: "Unity" "Pride" "Heroism"

Liberals have done such an artful job of removing anger from our culture that now we are nothing but a completely defenseless blob of neurosis stewing in our own sympathy and self-obsession.

I'm happy to report that at present, you will all find me still angry.

Things DESERVE our anger. It needs to be let out. Turned inward it becomes self-loathing and depression. Anger is our first line of defense.

So they can feel up my balls when I get on a plane. And I'm paying $17,000 a year in taxes. But they're too busy partying to bother with actually protecting me.


1. Stop teaching them History, Philosophy, Math and Science. They lose their ability to think or know. Substitute Howard Zinn for actual history. So what they DO know is nonsense anyway.

2. Convince them that any signs of anger are signs of violence and both will not be tolerated. This leaves them powerless to object. Any objection will be treated as symptomatic of violent tendencies.

3. Convince them that the planet is dying due to people. Shame them into thinking babies are destroying the earth. Import a million immigrants a year all from 3rd world countries. Import another couple million each year from the South.

So now you've taken away their ability to think and discern. They get all mixed up. The un-natural comes naturally. Example: If I want to shove my penis up another man's rectum.. that means I'm all about love and acceptance. But if I think marriage should be between a man and a woman, I'm a bigot and a hater.

What babies you can't abort you simply shame and confuse. All while overwhelming the population with an emigrant force that is rapidly outnumbering the natives.

I keep hearing, "We will find those who did this..."

Find them? Find them?

You INVITED them. You BEGGED them. You put them to work in Homeland Security.

What I can't wait for is when all you Liberals get a little older and start to find who did THIS to you. The big THIS. The THIS THIS.

Nobody is gonna read that novel Grumpy Trucker.

You don't bother reading anything that doesn't come with crayons, so what do you care? Ya Grand Junction loser.

Hey! Wow! Shock! It turns out these bombers were murdering Muslims. Ahem.. I mean members of the Religion of Peace. You invited them in AFTER 9/11 cuz you don't want anyone to think you're a big meanie. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up how suicidal you all are.

I wonder what their positions were/are on gay marriage and abortion? Ya know, the important stuff.

Oh, and they're getting ready to legalize another 20 million criminals who came here illegally. The law only applies to you and me.

And you all just beg for more of this Government that is selling you all out, sent all your manufacturing to the 3rd World while simultaneously importing the 3rd World into your neighborhood. A neighborhood that is now worth half as much because said Government worked in concert with bankers to give all these 3rd Worlders houses. Which made yours worthless.

But as long as no one thinks you are a big meanie who doesn't wanna help people. And as long as it's still legal for a woman (usually black) to stick a vacuum cleaner up her snizz... and the poofters can celebrate their stinky hands publicly... you're golden.

I wonder if these two bombers had health insurance?

What a bunch of defenseless little twits you all are.

Another rambling mess....

-32 people murdered at Virginia Tech by Immigrant.

-13 people murdered at Fort Hood by son of Palestian Immigrants.

-13 murdered by Vietnamese immigrant in Binghamton, NY.

-5 people murdered by Muslim immigrant in Salt Lake City

-6 people killed in Wisconsin by Hmong immigrant hunter who trespassed on their property.

-6 people killed in Chicago warehouse by Mexican immigrant.

-Colin Ferguson, the Subway shooter who killed 6 was a Jamaican immigrant.

And on and on and on. I could go through dozens more. And that doesn't count all the murders in L.A. by Mexican and South American Gangs. Almost always the victims are blacks.

The Boston bombers (and many of these others) were on welfare.

So you paid for that bombing and many of these murders.

And all you wanna talk about is that we need to do more to help the "poor" (kill us).

And Gay marriage. Which is nothing more than a backdoor (ahem) attempt to destroy churches. Mark my words: After gay marriage is legalized, you will see a string of lawsuits against churches who won't perform Gay nuptials. Your church will either be compelled to perform these weddings or volunteer to close their doors. Churches help more of the poor than all the Government programs combined... times ten.

I'll quote the Mother of the two Boston bombers... "I don't care if I'm killed. I want the world to hear this. Allahu Akbar."

Get used to saying that. Your children or Grandchildren will be saying it and living it.

You're too self important G.T. and you're as boring as they come. Get off your stupid soap box and get laid.

Projecting. You Libtards always do that.

Note how many times I wrote, "You."

What projecting, morally weak dopes you Libs are.

The Democratic Party is nothing but a corrupt mechanism that forces the taxpayer to pay for their campaigns agains their will. They actively seek to grow the Government by any means necessary to A) Buy votes and B) Hire more Government workesr which are immediately unionized. Union dues are then collected (which you paid as you pay the Government worker) then funneled into Democratic Party campaigns.

If Republicans did this you'd be howling about the evil of it.

But the Democrats know you are simple minded and vanity obsessed. And that you are morally insecure. What matters is that you feel good about yourselves. So they spoon-feed you a marketing gimmick that children should be able to see through.

Yet you gobble it up saying, "Derr... I wanna help people." ...and... "Derr.. I don't want anyone to think I'm a hater... Derr."

So you allow these people to destroy your schools, turn your Universities into cesspools of Multi-cultural nonsense, drug your little boys so they grow up squishy, whiny, pseudo-girls unable to protect you or themselves. They then import millions of immigrants... all from the 3rd world... many bound by their religion to want to kill you. And they drive through your black neighborhoods aborting as many babies as possible. Which you also pay for. And you just begged them to take your Doctor away from you in order to pay for these 3rd worlders they imported... After you allowed them to make your homes worthless in order to give these 3rd worlders (many of whom want to kill you.. and do) a house.

Me, self-important?

It's all about you, baby. Everything's about you. As long as you feel good about yourselves, that's all that matters.

-Syria has used WMD. The whole world acknowledges it. Syria had no WMD program. Where did they get it? Naturally, the media isn't the slightest bit curious. The CIAs' Comprehensive Report that all Liberals pointed to as "proof" that Bush lied had an addendum added to it in 2005. Here:


It suggests the possibility that WMD moved across the border from Iraq to Syria. Also, the Israelis bombed a Syrian munitions dump out of the blue in 2007. Again, the press was completely not interested. Here's a story about it. The Liberal author tries to spin it that it was a nuke plant which North Korea helped build. But Syria has no real ties to North Korea. Fat chance. What was in that target?


Now, you don't know and I don't know. But it certainly strains credulity to say there's no possiblity Iraq had WMD and therefore, Bush lied us into war. Everyone said he had them. Then he didn't. Then Israel bombed Syria for no reason and said nothing. Now Syria has WMD.

You are being told what to believe and what to think. The Media are not watchdogs of your Government. They are not even lapdogs. They are PARTNERS. Everything you are being told is carefully scripted and choreographed and arranged.

If you don't believe that, I urge you all to watch the Washington Correspondents Dinner on C-Span coming up. There you will see all your favorite Liberal journalists tipping champagne glasses with all your elected officials.

Yawn. Way to kill everyone with boredom.

Jason Collins just recently "came out" as the first professional athlete in a team sport to admit he's gay. The media (like it was co-ordinated and scripted or something) all breathlessly reported that, "No one should have to live in shame or be forced to live a lie."

Unless you are a Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin forbidden by God.

Liberals hate religion. Well, the Christian religion. Muslims ripping women's clits off they don't seem so bothered by. And I never see one of these brave Atheists doing one of those cutesy pie protests or lawsuits about Islam or Ramaddan. Wonder why?

This is part of their effort to destroy the Christian religion. All under the usual guise of tolerance and acceptance. Your church will not be allowed by law to perform wedding ceremonies for heterosexuals while prohibiting ones for homosexuals. Oughta be fun to see this unfold.

Our President, a black man, just stood in a room of white Liberals who operate an organization that has ended the life of some 20 million babies... 13 million of which were black babies... and told them, "God Bless You."

And we are preparing to enter another war in order to "save" Muslims from being slaughtered. After which, they will thank us by coming to our country under refugee status... and killing us.

Sorry to bore you.

Maybe tonight, in order to be more interesting and tolerant and accepting, I'll go out and kill a black baby, stick my penis in another mans' anus, rip off a woman's clit after beating with her a stick.

Then I'll blame my gun for it and tell her "God Bless You" in Spanish as I toss her a big hunk of Government cheese.

Thanks grumpytrucker :Your posts have been missed ...

About as missed as a case of clap that is.

I've never had the clap, so I wouldn't know about that. Sorry about your luck. But referencing your earlier remark about me needing to get laid.. You'll be happy to know I've had more ass than the backseat of a New York City cab. And I've turned down more than I've had.

True dat.

I know. I don't get it either. I think I look like a more Cro-Magnon version of the guy from MAD magazine. These women really gotta get some standards.

Thanks, AVM. Good to talk to you again.

I hadn't thought of Lynn or this site in months. Then I drove through Brooklyn on my way from Westbury, Long Island to Newark.

As I drove I looked up at all the apartment buildings and wondered which one was Lynns'. I saw a Target and wondered if it was her Target.

Then the Boston thing happened and I decided to see if the site was still up. I guess it's the closest thing I have to a Grave-sight to visit.

Wait, she lived in Queens, didn't she?

I drove through Queens too. But Brooklyn is playing the Bulls so I had Brooklyn on my mind.

Or maybe I got the clap and senility is setting in.

Nahhh, you're just an ididot.




Hardly the language of a trucker. I guess you say yummy and icky too though.

Ya know alot of truckers do ya?

Been hanging out at those rest areas, haven't ya?

I'm flattered that you are so bedazzled by me that you still doubt that I'm a trucker. I told ya before, I have a college degree. (worthless. college is where you go to get stupid.) I got tired of the feminist/Liberal-role-playing-diversity-workshop-sensitivity training nonsense.

Women like to sit around and chat. I like to do things. So I went into trucking.

I don't ever think about what you do. I guess I don't care. I just know that you are a loser from Grand Junction, Colorado who tormented and bullied and harrassed an old woman until she died from a broken heart.

And now you come back to a dead womans' website because you are haunted by that. As you should be. And to have any interaction you can have (negative is fine) with me because you are desperate and lonely. I see it everyday. These truckers are all lonely so they start fights with each other on the CB. Any human interaction... even a fight.. is better than the intolerable loneliness.

That's you. Desperate and lonely and not really alive. You obsess over others because you are just a mannequin. You exist only in the eyes of others. So your whole life is watching others' live their lives... on tv, in music, computer and radio.

I have enough self-awareness to keep an eye on those things and keep them in check. I play guitar (poorly) and write songs (terribly) and have a few nice girls around the country who still like men and will take pity on me.

Like most Liberals though, you project all your pain and self-loathing out and fashion it into a weapon with which to attack others with.

Julayne.. are you listening? It would have been nice to have been your friend. But you just kept attacking me in that passive-aggressive way.

I would say to you, Mr. or Mrs. Grand Junction.. to look at yourself and start worrying about yourself. Start exercising. I do P90x (Just the cardio disc) at truck stops and rest areas. That alone will provide you with a sense of peace and will teach you to take care of yourself and worry about yourself. And that will lead to other revelations.

But you never will. The fact that you help kill a woman who did nothing to you in itself is enough to drive a person into madness. And I'm sure there are other instances where you hurt others for no reason. Just out of your own self-hatred.

And these things are piling up inside you. But you are so used to shooting out through the blinds that you don't know any other way but to keep firing.

It's really heartbreaking that so many of you waste your lives this way. And that you refuse to see it.

I'm glad I had a chance to be friends with Lynn. She lived her own life. Her life wasn't wasted. Even though she probably died thinking it was.

She's still an inspiration to me.

You're out of your freakin mind GT!

By your standards, absolutely.

And that's all you got?

You're so dead. Dead in spirit. Dead in ambition. Dead in the soul. Even dead in communication.

Grumpy Trucker needs to feel important and superior... for crying out loud, just let him and he'll shut up.

Typical Liberal ad hominems. With projection to boot.

So I'm talking to one of my dingbat friends. Here's a woman who told me, "You think Liberals ruined the whole world!"

She recently lost her house due to the fiasco created when the Government got involved in housing. She's owned her farm for 12 years. But to make up for all their other losses, Chase got funky with her escrow and jacked up her payment $250 a month. I kept telling her to get a lawyer. But she's one of those Liberal types who just wants everyone to be nice. (Wall Street gives overwhelmingly to Democrats. Research it.)

She also recently was embroiled in a contractor dispute. The upshot of it is that the city fined her for ordinance violations and her lawyer took $15,000 to lose the case for her. Court ruled against her.

Her teenage daughter just had her 2nd child (after her second abortion. No kidding. Can't make this stuff up.) She dropped out of high school after the first kid and went on Medicaid/Food Stamps and WIC.

And her 7 year old Grandchild was just taken away by Social Services because he kept pinching girls butts. (Seriously.)

Now, here's a woman who has had her life destroyed by the Government. The Government run by Liberal bureaucrats.

But like all you Libtards, she completely divorces herself from any connection to the world and doesn't see the obvious right in front of her face.

I see it every day from the cab of my truck. Everyone disassociates themselves from their actions. Inside your car, you reveal to me that you don't care about anyone and that you have no awareness of your connection to the world. You pretend your behavior in your car doesn't count because it's just driving. But you interact and communicate with a thousand times more people in your car than out of it.

So I axe my friend what's behind all this today? What's different about the world? And she replies, "Corporate greed and oil companies." Isn't that rich?

Her life has been destroyed by Welfare programs, Government types who think being a boy is a mental disorder, banks that paid Democrats to steal her house and the out of control court system.

But she's sure it's Exxon.

Hey, how are those student loans working out for you all?


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