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January 01, 2013


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Thank you for the clips Billy. Please don't stop posting!

Listening to Lynn sing this song is really heartwrenching, but glad you guys post it for us to hear. Still missing Lynn!

What show was this from?

Please Billy ...
Keep posting more
missing our Lynn
even 1 year later
Know one fills the void
and know one ever will
Love to all

I need to ask you guys something. My friend and I are thinking about starting a talk radio program. You may remember me I am Susan from Alabama. All feed back would be welcome.

Dear Susan,
How can we decide without hearing your show? Right?
WE need to know if it's fun, informative, topical, etc. to listen too or not?
But...overall I would say it's a great idea and you should go with your heart.

And please do a show on how to wipe correctly!

A DIFFERENT KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if Lynn wiped front to back or back to front.

stop using my name !!

Would love to hear you Susan. Where would you broadcast from??

Could you get Lynn clips to listen to?

I would love to hear your show Susan.It would be such a relief to hear some inteligence. As you know talk radio here in the south is 100% right wing

I wipe, back to front! Enough already please!!!!

I sure would love to hear another Lynn clip. Billy, please! Valentine's Day passed without hearing her do her ProFlowers ad.

As for Susan from Alabama, I remember when you used to call in. If you start a radio show, please announce it here so that we can find a way to either listen live or stream it.

Another month without Lynn! Radio just isn't the same. :-(


Do you wipe with the left....just curious.

Thank you....and excuse me if I am being too personal.


More clips please!

Please more clips Billy! Thanks! We love it.

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It's odd how when I listen to these clips and the very few full shows I have of Lynn, it feels as if she is still alive. Even though they're not current, the shows are still entertaining.

Can't believe it's only been a year. It feels much longer.

Sometimes I listen to Lynn and wonder if she was wiping her hiney as she was doing a show. She was talented enough to pull that off.

Thinking about Lynn tonight. What a shame.

Lefty, I was thinking about her too. Cousin Brucie on the 60s channel on Sirius played Nina Pretty Ballerina tonight and it just made me smile.

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