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December 23, 2012


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Thank you for this wonderful gift of Lynn ,she is truly loved and missed .Merry Christmas ....

Thank-you! and Merry Christmas...

My God...it's been a year since we lost Lynn. I hope she knows how devestated many os still are.

RIP...we love you Lynn!!

thinking of lynn and how she enlightened me in so many ways. i miss her.

Time has passed. But not our memory of Lynn.
I began listening when I was in my early twenties, and followed her during her entire career. Her voice, her spirit so dearly missed.

As devastated as I felt last year, I still miss her today.
Lynn, we're here because we love you and miss you.

May you rest in Peace

Thanks for the updates. I still remember getting ready to pack a bowl and turning on her show and it was just music and silence. Still chilling. I know Lynn would hate that we still miss her. She is such a vergo. Love you Lynn.

I remember how shocked I was on Xmas. Miss you lynn

Radio will never be the same, she was always ahead of the curve able to see things the sheep weren't or refused to see.

There'll never be another one like you kid. -B

Merry Christmas to Lynn's fans everywhere, and to all a Happy New year!

Merry Christmas to all....still can't believe she's gone.

She was the best. I knew her in the Village during her old Folk City days and followed her radio career on BAI, ABC. I was stunned to learn she died; even though I didn't get her show, it was comforting to know she was still out there. Miss her so much and thank you for posting these broadcasts.
RIP Lynn; we miss you.

I miss you so much Lynn
They say time heals all wounds but...
Peace to all

Love returning to this website to hear Lynn. Wish there was even more, but very grateful for what we have here!

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