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November 09, 2012


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Thanks for posting this. Would love to see more full shows. God, I still miss you Lynn.

I was thinking earlier today about how much I miss hearing Lynn. I was a daily listener for several years. The radio industry is talentless at this point, so I've tried to fill the void with podcasts, but nothing compares to Lynn. Thanks so much for posting these clips. I'd also love to hear more full shows, if possible. Lynn's was among the greatest radio shows of all time. I wonder how long this site will keep going? I hope forever.

What a wonderful gift!

Thank you so much!

I kept thinking of how Lynn would have so many insightful and fun things to say about the election. What would she say about NJ allowing voting by e-mail? Maybe her show today wouldn't be that different, except to say, "Grow a set Obama! What do you have to loose now? Be a man!"

Really miss Lynn. What a shame she is gone. Thanks for posting these audio clips of her.

I hope you never take her off.

Thank you Mr. Masters for the show. I sorely missed her voice during this $2 billion distraction pretending to be an election season.

Lynn ....Hated I repeat HATED Obama if you don't know that than you missed a lot of her shows ...Thanks MM for posting more Lynn...

Lynn could wipe the floor with anyone....she was the best wiper around!

Lynn hated Obama because he isn't a true liberal. I don't like him but I'm sure glad Romney didn't win.

Mitt Romney probably wipes his ass underhanded.

It will be almost a year that she's gone and I really miss her. No one is as insightful, funny, sweet, and HONEST! Thank you Billy for broadcasting an entire show.

Miss Lynn so much and can't wait to listen to this episode! Thanks for posting. YES to more full-length episodes. I am savoring the handful I have and happy to add this to my collection.

I'm still smiling at the remark regarding commercials. Those certainly do take up a lot of time don't they?

Thanks for sharing this so that people can continue to view her analysis even though she is gone. I think this is one of the better things about the Internet. People who have something to say can share their views freely, with the world if they want to.

I can think of quite a few people who have passed on. Some were journalists, others were in other professions but we can still understand what they thought, whether we agree with it or not.

I saw Lynn on the train once. I was very surprised to see her picking her nose and eating it. She must have been hungry that day. When she got off the train at her stop, I saw her picking her seat. I loved that crazy broad!

We're coming up on the anniversary of Lynn's death. What was the date of her final live episode--was it Sunday, 12/18/11? I remember putting on her show on Christmas Eve, and they were playing some Mozart or something, and then they put on a rerun of an earlier Lynn show. And that night there were internet flashes that she had died. I miss her so much.

i miss her as if she passed today. when obama got re-elected, the first person i thought of was her. i know she probably wouldnt have voted in this years election because she didn't like romney either. i can almost hear her fending off her vicious callers asking why she wasn't voting.

Billy; Do you have anything planned for the upcoming anniversary of Lynn's death?

I felt like a close friend died when I read she died almost a year ago

I felt like I farted and it smelled bad.

Lynn at her best on Obama : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw0zr9hn01E

I can almost hear Lynn talk about the scholl shooting. She would probably mention that the shooter's mother had all the guns because she was a survivalist and then she would say "Well the bitch didn't survive"

Today is the first day of winter the shortest day of the year. For the over 25 years that i listened to lynn she would always give the optimist view that the days would start to get longer,in fact i think she mentioned this fact on her last show. I miss you lynn

Missing Lynn and all her callers. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Lynn, you are sadly missed.
Kathleen in Maine

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