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September 23, 2012


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Sorely missed. Love this woman.

I thought there would never be another clip posted! I still think of her at the 1:00 p.m. hour on a daily basis.

Miss her voice so much. Would LOVE to hear her opinions about the election - can only imagine. Forever grateful that this site continues.

Thank you for posting ,Lynn is missed more now then ever in these crazy times .I think she would be ripping Obama (The Affirmative Action President) a new ass and calling Romney a robot ,Lynn would be supporting another losing third party candidate again with no apologizes for it . Heaven is blessed by her and the World is Less without her.

I truly miss Lynn, she was a little bit of back home for me as I listened to her and I thank whoever is maintaining this site for keeping her memory alive

I am truly heartbroken STILL that we have lost a voice of intelligence and reason that cracked my up. Thank you for keeping her spirit alive. You know what Lynn would say about her website outliving her..."What are you, people, assholes?!" Hahahahaha... We assholes miss you terribly, Lynn!

I too still miss her everyday. Image what she would say about Michael Savage taking himself off the radio for an unspecified amount of time. Smoke would be coming out of her ears.

Michael Savage imploded, I started listening him because of Lynn years ago,It was like doing penance,as of lately he has been just nasty and loud. Michael Savage cared more about selling his latest book then doing a good show and he became not listenable for me ....His rants could be made into 1-minute clips and rearranged in random order and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. In fact, that may be how his show is actually constructed. Admittedly, listening to someone with an axe to grind with Marxists in academia is entertaining but only for a few minutes.

And then there are the incessant book plugs. Thin-skinned, paranoid and insecure, he refuses to credit the greatest thinkers in the history of Western Civilization for any prior thought on liberty or political science. Instead, he claims (or implies) that every idea or concept expressed is his and his alone. The fact is that a brilliant mind/fantastic writer wouldn’t need to waste a significant portion of his airtime selling his own book - the public would seek it out on their own.

His ‘this is the last book I will ever write’ statement (threat? promise?) RIP Lynn ,I Love you But I Thank God Michael Savage Days are Over ....and out....

I heard that Michael Savage doesn't wipe himself properly.

I still miss Lynn and thank you for posting this. She needn't worry about observing holidays; she was an honest and true spirit. G*d bless you, Lynn.

poor Lynn she got "smote" for that pork chop

I just found out today that Lynn died last year. I listened to her faithfully nearly every day because I was always in the car when she was on Sirius Left from 1 to 3. After the umpteenth time of rolling my eyes at Ed Schultz I googled her to figure out where she went. Boy am I sorry I didn't try harder to find out where I could listen to her. She was a great radio personality. And this Yom Kippur broadcast is classic Lynn. Meandering, superstitious, witty... Whoever is doing this site, thank you. And as my son reminded me today, Haley Barbour is still a fat fuck.

I've heard that Haley Barbour has terrible wiping habits as well.

I'm still kind of spooked listening to these clips. This one didn't seem particularly outstanding anyway, at least the first few minutes before I turned it off. I think the fact that Lynn died so suddenly...I remember when she was supposed to be on last Christmas weekend, waiting for her show and no Lynn because, as it turns out, she was dead in her apartment. What a bummer that was and is.

Another priceless recording from Lynn. She brought me back to my 13 year old self, It has been decades since t thought about all those books I read on the "lives of the saints". Joan-of-Arc included. I also wanted to be a nun. She was so fantastic, even now . Thank you for this. May her soul rest in peace.

I wonder what Lynn would have to say about Honey Boo Boo

missing our Lynn...yes all the time!!!
It's almost unbearable not to hear her commentary during this election time plus...
Lynn would be explaining things in her unusual way while pondering the world through the good, bad, ugly!
Remember she would say I'll see you tomorrow if i don't get hit by a bus?
I wish you were with us Lynn we all miss and loved you too much

Billy, thank you for keeping page going. I still think of our wonderful Lynn. It's really great to see others do too. What a gift we had in this woman's voice. Let's keep the spirit alive as we cast our vote for the "bozo's" we've been offered this cycle.

Whenever I feel down for whatever reason. I turn to this site and listen to a little Lynn. I'm always sad she's gone but so joyful that she was in my like all those years.

Billy, Do you have any plans for a memorial broadcast for Lynn during Christmas?

What a pleasant surprise today in finding a new upload of Lynn's show!

I really miss her unique take on current events!

Lynn use to wipe the floor with anyone who dared step out of line.
She also wiped herself very well. She never smelled of ass.

Jealous of you, dooley, that you were able to get that close.

Dooley, did Lynn ever give you a dirty sanchez?

Michael Savage has returned from the radio graveyard his new show starts on Oct 23 9:00pm http://tunein.com/options/?programId=20626 Lynn loved him ,and I still don't know why ...

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