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May 17, 2012


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Lynn not only cured his impotency,but also his gayness ,what a great post.

There are a bunch of old but new
lynn shows on independent democracy site... love it!
Keep lynns spirit alive

Do you think its possible to put full length podcasts of her sirius xm shows? Thanks for keeping this site alive.

AVM, you made me laugh!

Thanks again. Lynn was so funny AND compassionate AND real. It's hot out today--Lynn loved this weather!

RIP Lynn Samuels - I'm glad I can hear you occasionally on this site.

I wonder what Lynn would say about NYCs Maybor Bloombergs latest ban
on Large sugary drinks..lol...

I was really missing Lynn today while doing the housework. As she said, she had a voice you could hear over the vacuum cleaner. I so miss her news website, too--ten minutes on that every day and I had a good idea of what was going on. And yeah, she would have given us an earful about that little Napoleon mayor of NYC.

It's going to be 24 Saturdays since Lynnn died. I miss her so. Every weekend I say a little prayer that she is happy.

I miss her like whoa. :|

Lynn not only treated his erectile dysfunction,but also his gayness ,what an excellent publish.

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