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April 13, 2012


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Thank you so much Billy for keeping Lynn's site alive. As long as you are willing I use this site to access Drudge and Raw Story. Not to forget of course to listen to your priceless archives.

Thank you for keeping lynn's website up. Every Saturday I say the same thing. "I miss Lynn." No one can compare to her. I wish she made it to Arizona.

How much would Lynn have loved the pictures of her beloved Hillary partying it up??!!! Think of u always & often Lynn. Hope you're looking after my pussycat, Nosey, you always had a soft spot for cats. He went to heaven looking for you on Christmas Day, he loved listening to you as much as I did!!

Tears😭😭.....Miss ya Lynn

Whoever is keeping up this site I want to thank with all my heart because I listen to at least one everyday. I never met Lynn, she would e-mail me & her death has left a real void in my life,......
Please keep up the good work of keeping Lynn's memory alive.

Love Lynn. Starting to go through some of the 2011 recordings I had and wishing I had all of them. Sirius should have done more for her for a memorial tribute, more for the fans that loved her. Thank you for whoever is posted these clips. I am saving them with the others so I can get my fix on when I need it :)

i've been listening to one of the podcasts that was posted right after lynn died while i've been out mowing and gardening. it's like hanging out with with an old friend.

billly, thank you so much for posting these clips for all of us. i (as well as everyone else) appreciate it so much.

i miss lynn!



I was listening to an old show where I called in to Lynn... it was haunting to hear our conversation again from September 4, 2011 earlier tonight... miss her so much. Didn't always agree with her on everything but she was WONDERFUL, inimitable, and sorely missed.

İkinci El Makina

Thanks for keeping the site alive, Billy. Used to check it every morning while drinking coffee, because Lynn gave you a great synopsis of the news. Now it is wonderful to hear her voice in the clips you post. She was such an incredible talent.

Happy Mothers Day http://www.proflowers.com/mpmradio?REF=RadioHomeLynnSamuelsListeners_W&pagesplit=SplitA&code=lynn&prid=FGVRADIO&PersonalityName=Lynn+Samuels&WelcomeMessage=Welcome+Lynn+Samuels+Listeners! Lynn is still selling flowers.

Miss the lady like I miss my own mother, who passed a dozen years ago. Kinda weird ... she grew on me in big way in just a few years, obviously.

Guess all of you did. ttyl

Yes, thanks to Billy Masters and I LOVE hearing her voice in these clips. I used to check her site every morning, and now it's down to every couple of weeks or so, but it's still wonderful to hear her voice. Miss the callers, too, and wonder how that Oklahoma trucker and his grandson are doing. The whole Lynn community was really special.

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