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April 01, 2012


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The geriatric Sunday Morning on CBS is doing a profile on Patti Smith, much to my amazement. Were Lynn alive, I'd shoot her an email right now. Then again, if she were alive, she'd probably have known before me anyway.

I thought Lynn would've been in favor of the law due to her gun fetish and pro-carrying slant but ultimately would have fallen on Trayvon's side of things. To Lynn, the race issue tended to trump the right to arms issue. But I had forgotten all about Lynn's contempt for individually perceived insecurity.

This is like a game, albeit a very sad one. Thank you again, Billy.

One more thing, and I hope it's not inappropriate to ask. (If it is, please delete the message.) A few days ago while fooling around on Google, I came upon a site which said the Lynnsamuels website will expire on Jan. 24th, 2014. Is this true? If so, will you renew it before then? I understand there's no way you can know so far ahead, but do you have a tentative idea about what happens to Lynnsamuels.com after that date?

Thanks in advance.

I feel that after hearing Lynn's thoughts on the (stand your ground law)
That she would definitely be on the young Martin's side in this disastrous mess. Even the 911 operator told Zimmerman we don't need you to follow him. Remember?
This security guard seemed like a vigilante to me
Whenever a big media event like this happens,
I miss Lynn, her voice, thoughts, even more because she had a talent for making us see it from all sides.
love to all,

Don't worry about the website - at least not yet. Lynn had it set up to be renewed every year. So in January, we renewed for one more year and are going to play it by ear. As long as people are still coming here and the traffic warrants, we will keep it going.

I had no idea that anyone had done this for Lynn. I just thought I'd check out her site for old times sake. I loved her and hated her (depending on the subject). I didn't agree with her about Obama, but the longer he's our president, the more right about him she was. I'll vote for him again, because I think he can be a great President.I miss her if for no other reason then she made me think in ways I hadn't before. I go back with her to WABC. Thank you so much for doing this. I will be coming back every day.

Thanks Billy for keeping the web-site. I can't speek for anyone but myself, but I have a hard time letting go of Lynn. I miss her so bad it hurts. I thought of her as a good friend, one who loved the same books as me, that's rare in this hell-hole called Alabama. She liked southern people and never made me feel stupid about my accent. I hope when I die it's Lynn who will greet me.

I'll bet anything that you'll get your wish at the Pearly Gates when Lynn greets you in her thick Queens accent, Susan....but hopefully that won't be for a very long time. I think it's really nice that she had such a good friend as you. Something tells me she likes it very much too.

I see all "Neighborhood Watch" people as wanna-be vigilantes and busy-bodies but in some cases they actually are good people watching over their neighborhoods.

Just as Barack Obama picked the wrong person to fire when he ordered Shirley Sherrod fired, so has Al Sharpton picked the wrong "White Supremist" to convict of racism. Zimmerman is not considered "White" for the census reports. He is Hispanic with Black family members. More importantly, it seems Zimmerman was an activist for Black Civil rights in his neighborhood.


I called every one of those numbers and not one of them would talk dirty to me in a Lynn Samuels accent.

Been awhile... You Libtards got that race war going yet? That, after Miss Contraception suddenly "testified" before a Senate Sub-sub-sub-committee.

Gee, I don't suppose you all are being manipulated for cynical political purposes....?

Let's see.. what voting blocks do we need to show up... women and blacks? hmmmm.

Last time I checked, contraception is everywhere. You can get in on the back of bathroom doors at the local Gulp-n-Blow.

So, in review... The Supreme Court is wrong. Corporations are wrong. The Oil industry is wrong. The Coal industry is wrong. The Trucking industry is wrong. Wall Street is wrong. The Army is wrong. Of course, The Republicans are wrong. The Wealthy are wrong. Cars are wrong. Not believing Abortion is a woman's rights issue is wrong. The Chamber of Commerce is wrong.

What does that leave us? Tofu and Bongo drums?

Winning the future with Windmills!!

Oh, yeah... and just so I know... It's now cool for a guy (if he's black) to walk through a gated neighborhood that has a series of crimes... and if that guy is approached, questioned, asked, looked at, stared at, followed... asked who he is or what he's doing by the neighbors...

... It's cool for that guy to bust open a can of whoop ass. And if he's shot and killed.... NOW we've REALLY got an election issue.

Cool. Good to know.

Those pictures of him sure don't look like a 17 year old who was 6'3"....


Do you Libtards ever consider that your whole life is a fraud? That you are just puppets on strings?

See what America Could have been:


For Obamabots: the difference between a dishonest empty suit politician and a genuinely great man.

Picture Obama in this situation if you can. This is why those of us who never liked Obama dislike him more every day. We knew the REAL thing!

Lynn was 3 months older than I am. We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to similar schools. Environment means a lot when one is learning right from wrong. Our proximity in age and location may account for much of our extreme dislike of the man who is now president. For those of you who still think anything good of this president, this link provides a great comparison for you - between a REAL LIBERAL and a FRAUD! Once one has the real thing one can never be happy with a substitute.

You too Grumpy [nice to see you again]. This is what "LIBERAL" used to mean - real, genuine, caring, loving.

Wal-Mart is wrong. Microsoft is wrong. Banks are wrong.

Hi, Jessica. Thanks.

Christians are wrong. Marriage is wrong. Guns are wrong.

It's so wonderful that you lovely Libtards are so tolerant and non-judgmental.

Lynn would be furious with anger with the Trayvon Martin case. Zimmerman had no business following him when 911 told him NOT TO. Trayvon did nothing wrong! Zimmermans not being prosecuted because of this ignoramous law in Florida, and his ties to the judicial COURT system! Lynn is probably spinning in her grave at this.

Those of us from NYC know better than to jump on Al Sharpton's bandwagon until all the facts come out. He is batting 100% - WRONG on every cause he's supported.

There must be a reason Lynn refused to work for him when he asked her to.

But Jessica, she always mentioned the Al Sharpton offer with great pride.

Yes, Lynn was proud that Al Sharpton once asked her to work for him.

I too was VERY impressed with AL Sharpton after watching him in one of the early presidential primary debates years ago. Gephardt was one of the many candidates on the stage and I was disgusted as he and the other candidates made an end-run around a woman's question about how a proposed bill would affect her.

Al Sharpton not only answered this woman's question directly, but he did the same with every question directed to him. He was the only candidate who answered questions from the audience thoroughly and honestly while the others avoided directness like the plague. Al Sharpton was absolutely BRILLIANT that evening and if the election had been held then and there I would have voted for him hands down!

I was shocked to see this side of Sharpton. His performance in one debate changed my mind about him. I continued to hold Sharpton in high esteem after this debate (2004?) until last week when Al Sharpton returned to his old ways of misrepresenting facts to encourage hate.

The Tawana Brawley spectacle returned to mind with all its accusations that Brawley was raped by the NY DA and the entire police force of Wappinger's Falls.

I'm sure Lynn saw the side of Sharpton that I saw after the debate and she had every reason to be proud that he had asked her to work for him. I doubt she would feel the same way now, after seeing a repeat of the Brawley fiasco. This is a sad commentary on the times we live in.

The REAL Travon Martin Tragedy:

Continued misinformed angry responses to this "case" illustrate we are in deep trouble as a notion.

It's a tragedy that our media has become a tool to stir up hate between blacks and whites. What's worse is that I KNOW THIS and I know people are reacting to what they have been manipulated into believing, but I cannot help my own reactions to THEIR reactions. I live in FL and have access to a few more facts - certainly not ALL the facts but enough so that I can understand why Zimmerman has not been arrested. I'm AWARE the media is manipulating the public.

On one hand I can see some respondents may be warm sweet, honest, smart, caring individuals; people who could be my friends. On the other hand, I HATE THEIR STUPIDITY AND CLOSED MINDED RACIST ATTITUDES!

I can't help my feelings. I'm a cool rational individual who once belonged to the NAACP. I fought for civil rights in the 1960's, but when bands of black hoodlums go on the warpath against "Whitey", beating up helpless victims in the name of "TRAVON", I draw the line and that line separates the races.

Why are so many people so STUPID that they will automatically believe the worst and not take personal responsibility to investigate further instead of taking their neighbor's word for something that sounds questionable at best. Why are Blacks so easily turned against Whites?

Now I ask these people, how hard can it be for you and others like you to THINK? Assuming you read a news article, ANY news article about this case, didn't you read the age of the "victim"? Didn't you see with your very own eyes the PHOTOGRAPHS of the two people involved in this incident? Shouldn't the two photos alone have been enough for you to DOUBT "information" that followed these photos?

We were ALL shown obviously prejudicial misleading photos of the two individuals involved in this situation. Did you think the photo of a 10-year-old Travon properly represented the 17-year-old person who was shot? Did you think the MUG SHOT of Zimmerman was a current representation of who he is? Why didn't you wonder about this most glaring misrepresentation? Why are there so many other ignorant hateful fools who did the same?

The use of these two photos alone strongly state GUILTY OF MURDER!

I don't expect the general population to be rocket scientists, but I do expect SOME SORT OF RESPONSIBILITY and aversion to being misled by people with their own agendas who attempt to impose these on the public. Instead of common sense, I see an entire race of people who are all too ready to believe the worst of others based on the color of their skin. We now see blacks behaving just like the worst and most ignorant southern racists behaved in the early 1900's when they lynched Negroes at the drop of a hat based on a whispered rumor.

Do you doubt this? Imagine if one of the "Panther's Posse" managed to find Zimmerman and brought him as a surprise to the rally where they announced a bounty on his head. Do you doubt he would have been strung up from the nearest tree and lynched? Do you believe anyone would have stopped this lynching?

You may want to take an optimistic approach to this and see it as proof that we are all the same once our skin is stripped from our bodies. This is a nice thought but as I said, I'm a practical rational person. When I see blacks with hate in their eyes directed at me, I'm NOT going to force a guilty smile and pretend I understand. The fact is, I understand too well. I have NO GUILT as I NEVER saw color as an indication of anything other than color. I know I too have been manipulated, but my life and limb is more important to me than my ideals. I see a people that too easily believed the worst of me because of my skin color and I don't like it. I don't like THEM and I don't forgive them for this. This means that while my head recognizes the manipulation we are all being put through to put us at each other's throats, my first concern is with my own safety, ideals be damned.

While I understand you on one level and I can see many of your positive characteristics, I now see you as a potential enemy, one whose motives I must suspect no matter how you may look or act at other times. I know there is a code word, a uniting force somewhere that when expertly used, will instantly flare up your hate and direct it at me because of the color of MY skin.

You cannot help yourself any more than I can help myself.

This is the REAL TRAVON MARTIN tragedy.

Jessica S., I understand what you're trying to say but your argument is part of that "reverse racism is worse than racism" stigma that I disagree with. It seems the Right and George Zimmerman sympathizers seem to be outraged about the "outrage". If it weren't for that "outrage" then Trayvon's murder would've been swept under the rug like a lot of similar crimes. Unless I'm not seeing correctly, I see white faces participating in those Trayvon rallies as well so this issue goes beyond race and it's all about injustice. I have a mixed race nephew and I put him in Trayvon's shoes. I'm sure you're also referring to the NEW Black Panther party...yeah they do send shivers up my spine. ALL THREE OF THEM!!! = P

I find it fascinating that people want to compare Trayvon to Tawana Brawley or the Duke LaCrosse team cases when atleast in those other cases, both parties that consisted of living persons were able to present their case and at the end the truth came out. Trayvon on the other hand is dead and the only person that can tell his side is George Zimmerman.

As for the photos, oh well sue the media!!! It ain't like Trayvon wasn't still a minor like he was at 10 years old. Oh well, I'm sorry that the Right couldn't find a mugshot photo of Trayvon to dig up like Zimmerman's. Well I've seen Trayvon's recent photos and he's still looks like a child to me. As for Zimmerman, well the only other photo they have found recently was a Kool-Aid smile one he did at work. I doubt he had that Kool-aid smile when he stalked Trayvon...what a fuckin' idiot!!!


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Yep! My comments - over two lines is too much - Can't post -No more room? Too bad.

Maybe some other time ...

Lemme see if this thread likes me.

We are at two lines here.

This Trayvon thing is the Democratic Party (The Media) stirring up a campaign issue. They have polling data showing the turnout will be depressed with Blacks. So they gotta gin up a race war.

None of us know what happened. I don't know if Zimmerman continued to follow or not. I don't know if he confronted or not.

Dunno. It's interesting that everyone else seems to know.

What I find amusing is how these folks call a tune and get you all dancing.


I'm special and can post as many lines as I want!!!!!

I think Lynn is probably rolling her eyes with disgust and throwing up in her mouth a little... wherever she is.

Love you Lynn!!!

I suspect while Lynn would feel that Trayvon did nothing wrong, my hunch is she'd also feel that Florida has opened the door with this stupid law that she knew would end up like this. And maybe this case will cause people to focus on the real issue - and repeal the law.

there are many speculates and intrigue that need to be solve. Let us respect one's opinion.

The sad fact is, had more people saw how foolish the "stand your ground law" was, Trayvon would still be alive today. Lynn saw this coming and so should've the rest of us. She was right, we are living in some kind of alternate reality because in this reality, common sense has left the building and it's been replaced with hatred, suspicion and a lack of self control. How the media covered or didn't cover this story doesn't matter. How some people tried to take advantage of this incident to bolster themselves, doesn't matter. What matters is that a guy carrying around some sort of emotional baggage, cut loose and murdered a 17 year old kid because he looked suspicious. That in no way is anything close to justice, people…that’s 100% pure insanity.

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