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March 17, 2012


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Hahaha!!! LYNN, I MISS YOU!!!

Keep them coming!

Love it! Mr. Schmendrick!!! Oh, Lynn, there was no one better. I love how she even cracked herself up with the cucumber remark at the end. Miss her so much

Pure Lynn gold,Thanks for posting.

Loved this
Thank you Billy
Missing Lynn's special
way of telling a story
Love to everyone

Love this. I know Lynn is FURIOUS at the death of Trayvon Martin. I wish I could hear her voice, and her perspective of this.

Jesus In Merciful Heaven : Lynn Loved guns and if she was being beaten by a 6ft3 football player not a 12 year old the media keeps showing pictures of ,she would have blown his thug ass away in a heartbeat. P.S Besides the fact that almost all media outlets have lied about what race George Zimmerman is (he is a Latino/Mestizo), they are also censoring major important details of the case. Some have even published wild opinions about the 911 calls as if the opinions were factual statements.

Would you be surprised to know that the statements of the eyewitness are being censored in almost every media story about the shooting?

1. When police officers arrived, George Zimmerman had a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound on the back on his head.
2. The eyewitness who called 911 said Zimmerman who screamed for help.
3. The eyewitness also reports that Zimmerman was on the ground and Martin was on top of him beating on him.

This information was made public by a local Orlando television station on February 27th. We now have 22 days of rampant media reports that omit these facts. Once you see what information the police had, it is obvious why they did not arrest him. They were simply abiding by Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Police are now required to have evidence that a shooter was not acting in self-defense.

How many times have you heard the phrase “Trayvon Martin was a cheerful person,” but you had never heard the words of the eye-witness to the shooting?

Each time you see a “mainstream” news outlet rant about the Zimmerman/Martin case, ask yourself why these three facts mentioned above are missing from the story. Ask yourself why the media is called Zimmerman a white man instead of a Latino. Ask yourself if you think the story is really news or is it agitation/propaganda designed to advance a political agenda.

Come on, Billy! More!

Well AVM, I really didn't want to start a debate on here but I thought your post on Trayvon Martin warranted a response. As for Zimmerman being a latino, yes he's half latino BUT in the police report they had identified him as white.

As for Zimmerman's bloody nose and head wound, well there was an obvious scuffle since according to Trayvon's girlfriend whom Tray was on the phone with, the line got cut off by some kind of shoving after Zimmerman confronted Martin. So maybe Trayvon did strike Zimmerman but remember Zimmerman is the one who pursued Trayvon in the first place like he was an actual police officer that he dreamed he would be.

The jury is still out about the screaming BUT right after the gunshot the screaming stopped, not even a wail. According to witnesses Zimmerman was pretty calm right after Martin was shot dead. (Nevermind the fact that Trayvon was lying on his stomach so it's possible Zimmerman shot him from behind.)

As for Martin being on top of Zimmerman, well thats possible as well since Zimmerman threatened Martin in the first place so he probably kicked Zimmerman's ass. Did that give Zimmerman the right to shoot him? NO!!!

As for Martin being 6'3", well if I'm not mistaken, Zimmerman weighed more than 80 pounds than Martin. So if Trayvon did get the best of Zimmerman, then the only explanation would be that Zimmerman was a pussy with a gun.

Now, Lynn was always unpredictable with her views so I don't want to assume what her opinion on this case would be but I do remember her going off on the "Stand Your Ground" law when it was passed. That clip is even posted on this site under "If You Feel Uncomfortable...Shoot!!!". I think Lynn knew that shit would hit the fan sooner or later with this bullshit vigilante law.

RIP Lynn...

All I know is, if I saw someone armed with a package of skittles, I'd scream like a little bitch. LOL!

Any new report I see, I think of what Lynn would say about it. God, I miss her.

Yes Susan any new reports on anything
like this Martin case...
I think "what would Lynn say"
God I miss her too!
Love to all,

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