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March 25, 2012


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I work in an office of powerpuff girls. Beyond obnoxious! Lynn, really miss you.

I miss Lynn's amused and simultaneously annoyed commentaries about everyday events. It has been three months, and I haven't found any radio host who can fill the void.

I've lost 2 friends who I considered close since winning my money. Jealousy plus other crap!
The worst by far was losing our Lynn.
3 long months and I still think about Lynn every day!
She would have told me to "F um"
And Oh how I would have laughed as she would say this too me!
There will never be another Lynn in this world "that's it" and radio is not the same either.
I'm absolutely sure our Lynn is watching over us all, drinking her sweet tea and saying,
Miss you friends,

A nice thought Karen, I wish the ghost of Lynn would haunt Alex Bennett's awful show, at least it would be intresting.

Thank you ,this is Lynn Samuels gold and I could listen to her all day.

Love it and love her. Miss her every day.

Karen, Lynn would never say "miss you friends". She knew how important the relationship with her audience was, but she would never have called us 'friends'. And she would be blown away by how much we love and miss her. Every weekend for the past 14 weeks I have said a prayer for Lynnie on Saturday and Sunday mornings and told her how much I miss her.

Again, Billy...thanks for keeping the wit and wisdom of Lynn available to all of us who miss her still.

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