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March 02, 2012


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Can't thank you enough for these posts and for this gathering of fans. Two months gone, still so missed.

wish she had someone there. like a roomate, who could've called ems. i know lynn was a old lady, but her passing still has me unsettled.

Thanks for posting ,Lynn was a star and yet it never went to her head.

Keep them coming Billy. We are still listening.

Yes please keep them coming.

I miss Lynn enormously.
There is no radio personality who can approach her style

We're out here Billy!

This is only my second time posting since Lynn's death, but I still check this website twice a day. Commenting on stories or calling into Lynn's show was something I never felt comfortable doing. It's just not me.
However, I did send her a few emails and I was so excited when she wrote me back. I treasure her replies.

I miss Lynn's show so much. My Sirius radio still beeps with a reminder every Saturday morning at 8:59 AM for Lynn's show, but I just don't have the heart to cancel the program alert. Instead, I remember Lynn and I am grateful that I found her show and had a chance to be a part of her listening world for the last few years.

Thank you Billy!!
All fans of Lynn are indebted to you. Keeping her website going has helped us deal with the loss of Lynn. I may not post a comment very often, but I'm out here. And I would guess there are a lot of Lynn fans just like me.

It's so magical to be able to come here and hear her wonderful voice.
Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!!


Yes please keep the posts
we miss our Lynn
My heart aches for her voice
Thank you Billy

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