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March 25, 2012


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I'll take people that are full of crap over the right wingers that are a real threat to the planet, the economy and a civilized society.

Lets get real. Lynn was treated badly by some left wingers and never got over it. The left is not nearly the danger that the right is.

and you can have them Dave,Lynn lived long enough to see extreme Left or Right are both full of crap ,we need to meet in the middle ...http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/EagleForumRadioShows/~3/ARZHT54pgjI/Dunn-10-01-11.mp3 Hopefully you will listen and learn.

Come on people
Lets band together
We miss Lynn together
We are in this world together
Remember Lynn did not say
Right or Left is better
As She believed in the TRUTH!
Only the real truth!
Lynn was Loyal to the Truth
get it?

Lynne wasn't about Left or Right, but in trying to find the Truth. I didn't always agree with her point of view, but respected her for not parroting any party line.

BTW, Kosher Coke is now in the stores for Passover - the brand Lynn raved about!


And someone came up with Kosher sausage. Figure that one out.

And Dave, Lynn was like you most of her life.

The reason most older folks are Conservative is that it takes years... usually a lifetime.. to figure out the Liberal game. I've tried to explain it here on this website over the past few years.

Liberals are not who they say they are. They aren't interested in what they are telling you are their motives. They want power and control. In order to get that, they must have a villain to protect you from. And they must make sure you are needing their help and their saving grace.

You can either start to figure that out now, or you can do what Lynn (and so many others) did... which is continue to fight for "your side" despite growing doubts. Ultimately ending in a heartbreaking betrayal.

But you will learn. One way or the other.

I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box, but even I can see that ALL political talk and politicians are a part of a tragic game being played on the working poor. The media machine puts it out , we get upset, and fuss and fight among ourselves and look away from the real evil taking us all for the ride of our lives. Both parties are evil, both parties want the same thing. It took me a while to reason what it is they want, and I think I have it. They want all the power and all the people working for nothing. just a little food ,no pleasures, and if you get sick you die. They want to turn planet earth into HELL or maybe I’m just in a bad mood, whatever HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Grumpytrucker....that was a hilarious post! Definitely put a smile on my face!

i think this is awesome

SOme thing are real motivators

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