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February 26, 2012


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It's still difficult listening to Lynn. Even my girlfriend who despises talk show host misses her sassy independent thinking..
Please continue keeping these clips coming.

Bard College is in search of sister Judy's address in order to send a memorial service invitation, as a way to honor recently deceased alumni(ae) If the person posting on this website has information pertaining, please email me at lbaldwin@bard.edu Thank you

Didn't Lynn mention every once in a while that she had every show archived somewhere as they were being made? I thought Garrett and Emily and finally Jackie were keeping each daily show.

Where are they and who has the control over the rights?

Hey Jamie. Yes, Sirius has copies of all of Lynn's shows. They are the property of Sirius alone. Lynn had copies of most of her shows. At Sirius, she was better about keeping her air checks because they were on CD. But there are quite a number of cassettes from her WABC, BAI, etc. days. Those have yet to be gone through, but they are being preserved.

I should mention that one of the issues we often discussed was what rights she had to her own voice. I had wanted her to start doing podcasts here on this site because I'm a big believer in not only cross-marketing but also having some autonomy. Plus, as we all know, many radio personalities do this and it only helps promote their on-air work.

Lynn was hesitant because there could be an issue with Sirius. She didn't want to rock the boat and send up any red flags. Once she was moved to weekends, we discussed it somewhat more seriously. In fact, I believe a few times on the air she said that if she got fed up or was fired, she'd simply do podcasts here and that would be that.

Once I helped set up this new site and get things up and operated and swapped from the old site, I was really hands off - unless there was a problem. So I didn't really look into how much programming would be involved. But now that I'm maintaining things, I can see how easy it would have been. It's been a pleasure to share lots of these clips with you all - it's one of the few things I really think Lynn would have wanted.

Linda, I have passed your note and e-mail address along to Judy and her son Gary. One of them will be in touch with you.

Thanks Billy...

What is the probability of actually getting sirius to make those available?

I was so hoping Lynn would do a daily podcast. I almost called to tell her that Dr. Laura has some sort of subscription that gets you her podcast (who would want it). I'm sure Lynn was aware of it.

I agree that Alex J is hard to listen to mostly but last night someone else was interviewing Cindy Sheehan on his show and it was great. I haven't heard Cindy interviewed anywhere else.

Back to books I read Just Kids by Patti Smith on Lynn's recommendation and absolutley loved it. Does anybody know the crime author she was reading? Not a series but several by the same author. They were old I think. Someone on an earlier post (sorry I forget who) suggested one that didn't ring a bell with me. Maybe it will pop up in one of these old shows, although I still have some trouble listening and hope they aren't going away anytime soon.

Susan, we all loved your book recommendations. Anything new for us?

i remember lynn commenting on patti smith's book 'just kids'. i've read it too and i just loved it.

wouldn't it have been great if lynn had written a memoir? i hope whoever is handling her estate finds handwritten notebooks full of her personal stories and publishes them.

i can dream.



Thank you Billy.
It's really a wonderful gift to hear Lynn's voice.

Jamie, I think the odds are slim to none ;-) In fact, Sirius is notorious for insisting that clips from their shows NOT be posted elsewhere, so let's just say I'm not rocking the boat....xx


Kind of makes me wish I had taken the time to archive all those shows I recorded onto my S50 way back when. That's really hard work though... especially two hours a day five days a week.

Why oh why did our lovely friend Lynn have to die two months before that douchebag Breitbart? I know she'd've had some very interesting commentary about today's events. Perhaps Billy can dredge up an anti-Breitbart rant or two in memoriam. You know, out of respect, of course :)

VERY FUNNY John......Drudge was her "HAPPY DAYS" as she would say......but she got LOW BILING on her DEATH.....and drudge gave him TOP BILLING on his HEAD LINE......Samuels MUST BE ROLLING IN HER ERN

You guys are right. She should have outlived Breitbart - would have loved to hear what she had to say and damned Drudge and his heartfelt eulogy. Not fair.

Oh well at least she won't have to bump into him assuming they headed in opposite directions.

I have DVD's of the last 5 years of Lynn on Sirius with very few missed shows. I guess I can't share them because I don't want Sirius coming after me. (Each show was about 45mb in size, 4.7GB per DVD, you do the math, hundreds of shows).

I'm glad I invested the time in saving her "gems". I'm the guy who set up a twitter account under "lynnsamuels" and then turned it over to her.

She didn't really want it at first but later she was glad I saved her name for her and she even thanked me both by e-mail and once on the air. I was so happy to make her happy even for a little bit because she was always so sad. I miss her.

Thanks to everyone
Yes Lynn will always be the best
Dearly missed

If I had 3 wishes...
1) Health for myself and my
son to live to the ripe old
age of say 90
2) Enough money to live comfortably
3) Our Lynn Back on Sirius left
5 days a week
what are your 3 wishes??

Hey Jerry. Glad to know someone else has so many airchecks. I've got quite a few as well - email me and maybe I can fill in some gaps for you, and vice versa. Every once in a while, I'd get busy or go away and fall a week or so behind on listening to shows. I'd mention it to Lynn, and she'd laugh saying, "Don't listen to them. Put them aside. When I'm fired or dead, you'll still have plenty of new shows to listen to." Sadly, she's right....hours and hours left. xx

Wow, Jerry!

45 MB a piece at 4.7 GB on a disc means approximately 100 shows per disc over the course of 5 years. 250 shows a year, give or take means you have a 12-disc set of Lynn.

I'm wondering where I need to send 12 blank DVD-R discs...

John in IL :Its sad that free speech and the truth offends you.Lynn took no prisoners and when someone was wrong either D or R she spoke her mind .Do you remember when Lynn said Clinton is a war criminal and should have been executed for it ???. or forever calling Obama the Affirmative action nominee and then the Affirmative President. Lynn's honesty is whats lacking in all our media and she is missed for it.

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