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February 19, 2012


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Thank you so, so much for continuing with these posts. I "tune in" every week for my Lynn fix. Can't beleive how much I miss her...

For some reason today I'm really missing our Lynn.
Maybe I think the beautiful service for Whitney made me homesick for Lynn.
I especially know that money cannot buy happiness and everyone I told about my windfall just became jealous and distant or cold.
I even lost a so called friend because all my bills are payed up and her's aren't.
People can be so cruel.
What did Lynn say about some people?
Oh how I should have kept my big mouth shut and asked Lynn...
instead I am sadder today than ever.
Why has everyone stopped writing ?
Where is everyone on here?
Please it's not enough time yet
lets stick together till at least the election please?
I love you all

I miss Lynn

I've been thinking about the lack of free speech in USA and don't know where else to complain about it. I think Lynn got "demoted" because of Sirius' unwillingness to allow free speech. The latest victim was Pat Buchanan (fired from MSNBC) and he blamed it on his right leaning remarks but it isn't really a left - right thing. Cenk Uygyr, Keith Olbermann, Helen Thomas, Don Imus. The beat goes on. Anyone think of others?

I think this group of listeners understood that Lynn and every other talker says stuff we don't agree with but would defend their right to say it.

Incidentally, Sirius just informed us that they are doing us a favor by dropping one of their NPR stations. (Now you don't have to flip back and forth!!! They really say that on # 123)

I like Howard but Sirius now has 2 stations devoted to Howard Stern and 1 NPR. More brilliant programming.

Didn't even bother to complain, we all know how much they care what we think.

Oh and the headline writer for ESPN about Jeremy Lin - gone. He apologized, Lin accepted, still fired. I'm of course not defending these stupid comments.

Wegman's had to hire Alec Baldwin back after complaints about his firing for behavior on an airplane.
I seem to be warming to my topic.

Juan Williams

It's not just people who are fired - it's who's hired in the first place.

Drive across the country, and all you hear on the AM band is GOP talking points radio. Thousands of stations.

There are a few enclaves with an alternative - DNC radio. Which is exactly as blind - and exactly as bad.

The number of non-aligned truth tellers, like Lynn? I can only think of one, Cenk Uygyr, and his radio show is only the audio feed of his TV show.

And... hardly anyone can receive either over the air.

Sad. But that's the way the Big Boys want it.

Exactly why I got Sirius in the first place for car and home but it's turned out to be a big diasppointment in terms of news and talk.

I haven't found Cenk's radio show yet but The Young Turks are broadcasting online week nights at 7:00.

I also like Amy Goodman who recently got added to my TV line-up.

Pat Buchanan just wrote a good essay called The New Blacklist about his firing and you could apply it any of the people I named above.http://buchanan.org/blog/
I'm not a fan but he eloquently defends himself and others who were treated similarly.

Add Bill Maher to the list for saying the 9-11 pilots weren't cowards. He and the others should defend Pat Buchanan and each other.

I'm sorry you are missing Lynn, I am too, when I heard Whitney died I said out loud there will never be someone like her. Then I thought of Lynn, there will never be someone like her. But she would want us to live to the fullest. Remember,'go out drink, smoke, have fun this weekend, we are all doomed!' sometimes I listen to Diane Rhem , she can be sassy!

lynn certainly has left a void that no one else can seem to fill. i like diane rhem too, she has a great show, but it's still not our beloved lynn.

karen, i'm so sorry you have had such bad reactions from friends concerning your good fortune. i'm sure it will all smooth over with time. if not, then maybe they weren't friends after all? now the trick is not to incur any more debt! that will really get them ;).



Oh, I forgot Mike Malloy.

He loathes both parties too, and says so every night.

But the man has little sense of humor.

And he'll never tell a story about kosher knishes in Queens.


i'm not sure if he still is on (since i canceled my sirius subscription), but i used to enjoy listening to alan colmes . he was on the fox talk channel. knowing sirius, they probably gave him the boot too.

i could never understand why lynn liked michael savage so much. he's such a hater.




YES Julayne ...
Alan Colmes is the only one I listen to on Sirius for all my political stuff and I even call in sometimes too.
Yes again... I HATE Michael Savage (sorry Lynn)
As for debt NEVER!
Focus,save and save some more right?
I'm saving for a CD or money market account because those darn interest rates just have to go up
someday soon!
I thank God for this chance to do over bad mistakes of my youth.
Yes I am a learning machine these day's and our Lynn would be proud
Love to all,

Karen S: It took me years of trying to listen to Michael Savage ,thanks to Lynn I kept trying and now I listen everyday ,sometimes only a few minutes and other times believe it or not he does a really good show,when he lighten up. Try his podcast online ,you can fast forward them and they are free. http://conservativereview.us/

Hey Karen,
Lynn would tell your friends to go f**k themselves. She was the most honest person I ever knew and I am so grateful for this community. Miss her terribly.


karen, i'm glad to know you're a fan of alan colmes. i really like him and miss listening to his show. i used to get into the chat room while the show was on. what a bunch of freaks! how in the world was he able to sit next to hannity all of those years? drugs?

howard is allowed free speech because he brings in the $$$. it's all about corporate greed, not our right to free speech.

michael savage has a very interesting background and i'm sure is a very intelligent man. i just don't get where the hate comes from. with a mind like his i would think he would be more rational.

heavy, wet snow coming. i best get to town for supplies.



Alan is a free speech kinda guy and an interesting man plus not sure how he sat next to Sean H. either? Was it perhaps the ole mighty dollar?
Howard is their meal ticket so he can say anything.
I think that Lynn loved them both

Our Lynn has left a gaping hole
in my heart (I'm still trying)

oh i also meant to say good for you for not acquiring any more debt. you're a smart gal and i think lynn would say so too. when you do invest, keep it out of the clutches of the corporations. yes! magazine has an issue coming out dealing with all of that.

they must have paid alan a princely sum to sit next to that blowhard.



Lynn followers PLEASE >>>

I did buy a Lynn Favorite
(A kindle)
To help me and...you did?

paid cash!!!

Like you guys I'm sick of the stupid radio. I canceled Sirius and got XM, thought I'd listen to Alex Jones, God he sucks! On the up side they do have a great NPR station, and that's about it. Lynn spoiled me to good radio. I guess I'll just go back to audio-books all day. maybe listen to 9/22/63. It's a great book and Lynn loved it so. Hope everyone is making it through this ok . Love you guys. Miss hearing eveyone's voice.

I heard today that after Adele flipped off the British music industry for cutting her remarks short - they all apologized to her!!

Glad she didn’t try that in this country. We’re way to sensitive for that kind of stuff. Million Moms (all 3 of them) would have banned her music. Outrage and chaos would rule.

Karen, Lynn would have been proud of you, She often mentioned those .5% CDs. And cash for a Kindle!! No way!!

I'll look for Alan C. Hard to find good talk.

Haven't started my 9/22/63 yet. Still waitng to savor.

There were no callers like Lynn's callers! Miss them, too.

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