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January 30, 2012


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Lynn would definitely be interested in that!

So, my Sirius subscription technically ended yesterday & I found myself scanning channels in search of a reason to stay. Hoping to come across a voice like I did in scanning several years ago when I found Lynn. Found her voice, became intrigued & became hooked. She took me to work in the morning with the replays & drove home with me during the last hour or less live. Since channel numbers are changed, I sought out Sirius Left. Ed Schultz, NOT AN OPTION, and Rev Al Sharpton on the other. Being a black woman, I tuned in. BEYOND HORRIBLE, as a Lynn listener for five years or so I'm definitely spoiled, but I gave it maybe ten minutes. Listeners were calling in & apparently he'd asked callers if Obama were reelected, what would they like to see changed. I was amazed at how people are starting to catch onto issues that Lynn made us aware of months ago! Like the military bill that gives the right to this country arresting and locking up US citizens without the right of trial. Lynn so was knowledgable, insightful and so on top of her game, so to speak. What in the world will we do without her? She was beyond right in us being fucked but thankfully & selfishly regrettably she was spared.

One of my favorite things was listening to Lynn pitching 1-800-FLOWERS (to ORRL of you TRUUCKERS..with CHORCKLET). Since we didn't have a chance to attend her funeral, is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

excellent post honoring lynn!

you're right (as lynn said over and over) we are fucked. i'm sorry to say she was right about obama from the very start.

there is an excellent interview with richard wolff by david barsamian in 'the sun' magazine concerning capitalism and it's discontents:


'were fucked and i'm pissed' you were and are so right lynn.



Ah, yes... Julayne.

The Occupy Wall Street mentality.

It's always somebody else's fault.

Did you all hear the guy from the Black Keys saying the reason music sucks is because people "got comfortable with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world. They got comfortable with the idea that the biggest band in the world is shit."

Y'all got that? The music of today sucks because a Canadian band makes music. It's their fault.

And I do enjoy hearing people who are too scared to see their lives honestly.. and too scared to live their lives honestly... and too scared to live without turning to drugs to make themselves numb... anything but the mirror...

... I do enjoy hearing those people say, "Capitalism is the problem."

Anyhoo... on a lighter note.

Abba was the soundtrack of my parents' divorce. As a musician, I always appreciated their work, but listening to "Knowing Me, Knowing You" was just too painful. My Mother wore that song out after the divorce.

But I've noticed that thanks to Lynn, I no longer have that feeling of dread when I hear an Abba song. Now I think of some Jew broad in Queens screeching... "Just like Cinderella!!"

Lynn helped remove the trauma of hearing old Abba songs. Strange how weird little things touch other people's lives in weird little ways.

What's sad about today's culture is that it's becoming difficult to distinguish really living from digitally enhanced pseudo-living.

I'm so grateful and glad that Lynn actually lived and didn't hide behind technology. She really touched so many people... In real ways.

So many today are interacting only with computer and television screens. Then they comfort themselves with psycho-tropic drugs and blame other things... Wall Street, Corporations, Capitalism... whatever... as the cause of their unhappiness and loneliness.

hello grumpy,
yes, i thought that would bring you around. when you can produce credentials such as wolff's we might listen to you. otherwise, you can keep writing about your parent's divorce and whatever else is wrong with the rest of us, you know, whatever keeps your massive ego going and growing. oh how i wish i was just like you!



Dr. Wolff contradicts his own premise, showing himself not to be a very strong thinker.

Credentialed?... Yep. Certified?... You betcha. Learned?... Check.

Actually able to think? Not so much.

He begins by saying wage stagnation is a result of natural consequences of technological innovation, women entering the workforce and the decidely Liberal policy of open immigration.

Like a typical Libtard, he then goes on to say, "One segment of society has deprived another segment of society it's due."

Really, Dr. Wolff? That's not what you just said. See what credentials do for ya? Having letters following your name means never having to follow logic. Especially if there is a tired, centuries old poltical meme to exploit.

And I know how you Libtards' brains work... so I'll say again... you confuse (intentionally, I believe) causation with corrolation.

Mortgage backed derivatives had a corrolary effect on the financial collapse. They were not the cause. See the difference?

Wage stagnation was CAUSED (in Dr. Wolff's own words) by completely natural events. Or at worst, by Liberal influences like pressuring women to work and leaving the border completely open.

(And please, don't give me this "Corporate Masters demand the border be left open for cheap labor. I've hired people. You are only allowed by law to ask for 2 documents. If you question anyone's status, you can be sued.)

So, Dr. Wolff is doing the usual Libtard trickery which only works for other Libtards, desperate to believe their own fraud. He clearly lays out the causes of Wage Stagnation. Then he makes the incredible leap of logic and claims that things CORROLATED to wage stagnation... i.e... corporate masters making more money, hiring less people and paying them less... are actually the CAUSES... completely contradicting himself.

So now that I've exposed the esteemed Dr. Wolff as a complete fraud.. a bitter partisan hack... Chris Matthews with letters stacked up after his name... I'll get on to the shots you took at me.

I thought the Abba story was a touching and insightful illustration of how Lynn touched people and how she actually lived her life.

And if you read my writing, you will see that I didn't excempt myself from my observation. As someone who spends more time looking at porn than he does talking to actual women, I took care not to exclude myself.

I don't attack people for having an overblown ego. I wish more people had healthier egos. I wish they had more confidence. I wish that they hadn't bought into this notion that you are a selfish, vile pig simply for living your life the way you choose.

See what Liberalism has done to some of you?

Did you see what Liberalism did to Lynn Samuels?

You are considered an inconsiderate jerk, a selfish pig
and an egomaniac if you choose to follow your own mind and do what makes you happy.

Don't you ever wonder why they are so desperate to make you feel that way?

You betray too much without realizing it, Julayne.

Sorry about the typos.

Wall Street and Corporate Greed forced me to type too fast and not proof-read.

Oh, and one more observation about the idiot "Occupy Wall Street.. It's somebody else's fault that my life sucks-mentality.

Didja see the guy from the Black Keys blamed Nickelback for the reason that music sucks? Yeah. He said, if I remember correctly.. something like.... "People got comfortable with the idea of the biggest band in the world being shit."

So... in review...

The problem with our country is NOT that we don't harvest our own resources or promote a business friendly culture or that we allow Unions to go too far or that we allow Government to get it's fingers in everything... which creates a bubble destined to burst....

No, no, no... The problem with our culture these vague, childish catch-alls like "Greed" or "Inequality" or "Unfairness."

Yeah. That's it. It's THEIR fault. Not mine.

AND.. the reason the music industry as a whole sucks is because some Canadian dudes formed a band.


Too bad Lynn didn't get to hear ABBA's new song. (sigh)

Oh how I am missing our Lynn today because each time I go to Target I think of this and that she would recommend. 1800pro flowers is right at the top of my to do list ***(top page type in LYNN)***
I'm also not finding anyone on Sirius to listen to either, Oh well
Anyway... I'm getting ready to listen to the new Abba song and get inspired with my glass of sweet tea!
Love you all
My friends

Hello, Lynn-heads! This is the time of year when Lynn would remind us that "Valentine's Day is coming! What are you waiting for?" and then urge us to go to Proflowers.com. I went there, and guess what? As per Lynn's past instructions, I clicked on the mic in the upper-right-hand corner and typed in Lynn ("that's L-Y-N-N.") and saw all these special orders. That's right, Lynn's spirit lives on through Proflowers.com. Type her name in, and you still get savings through the website. I get the feeling you could type "abalone", "Lipton" or "dildo" and still get those savings, but still... make this a "Lynn" Valentine's day and get your savings through the power of her name!

Now, if only I had someone to send flowers to... but that's a seperate matter.

And to tie this all together... clearly, Grumpy should call Proflowers and order a Valentine's bouquet for Julayne.

Clearly, these crazy kids are secretly in love and belong together!

They just don't know it yet.

Do it today, GT; do it for Lynn.


Hey Julayne - Thanks for linking that article. (No matter what you-know-who-thinks). I really enjoyed it - especially the idea of democratizing our workplaces. It makes so much sense. I think I've heard recently that more companies in the US are trying employee owned and operated - successfully.

Employees in a company near me bought out the company and really turned it around. Unfortunately they decided to sell and they're back where they were - only with windfalls in their bank accounts.

I wish Wolff would have tied these freakin' wars to our unbalanced budgets. Ron Paul makes that pitch every chance he gets.

Bianca - I agree that I miss Lynn for her "heads up" of issues she'd mention and get my radar up. Still haven't found anyone who comes close to replacing her. Anyone listen to Savage? I never have but I know Lynn liked him.

Bianca - Were you the person who had their cat die the same week-end that Lynn died? If you are and you're still standing - hats off to you!! I'm afraid I would have taken to my bed and still been there.

Both wars, according to Liberal websites have cost a total of $1.29 Trillion over 11 years.

That equals $118 Billion (regardless of what you've heard) annually... out of a budget of $4 Trillion with a deficit of $1.5 Trillion.

In other words, you can pay for the wars for all 11 years and still not cover the amount of money we borrow to fund this government for 1 year.

Feel free to continue to spout those talking points because it fits your political narrative, but it only shows that you are not willing to be honest in your dialogue.

You Libtards do the same thing with "Tax cuts led to an exploding deficit."

No. Spending leads to deficits. In order to justify that claim you would have to point to a reduction in revenue brought about by tax cuts.

But according to the Center for Tax Policy, a Liberal outfit most often quoted by Krugman, tax revenue ROSE after the tax cuts. (They confuse you all with share of GDP, which makes the supply-side argument.)

And every work place is already completely Democratic. You have the right to not work there.

What you want is not Democracy, but controlling how others (the company owners) behave.

And that's really at the core of you Liberals. You mask it all in this Trippy-dippy-hippie 'Peace and Love' nonsense. But what you really seek is control and control over others.

You Liberals simply betray your dishonest motives by not being honest in your factual assertions. As I just proved in the above paragraphs.

Logan, this is the reason I can say fairly confidently that I'm not in love with Julayne. I would never waste my love... or time and energy with someone like her or Catnipper who refuses to deal honestly with herself... and by extension, all others.

Here are the links with the actual facts:

First one is Cost of War, run by the National Priorities Project. Wikipedia defines this group as Liberal or Progressive.


And Krugman's favorite tax group is actually called the Tax Policy Center.


The Bush Tax Cuts were passed in 2001 and 2003. Scroll down in the first column titled, "In Current Dollars" and the first sub-column "Receipts" and look at the years following 2003.

Thanks for playing.

Either you all know what you are saying is dishonest and you don't care.

Or you are a fool who is uninformed.

You can go to Krugman's blog and type in "Tax Policy Center" in the search bar and find, literally, hundreds of his posts that have sourced this outfit.


lol! i won't be holding my breath for that delivery. in the spirit of junior high grumpy has told me he doesn't 'like' me. also, i'm vegan and i think i might have struck a nerve with grumpy since he hauls around dead chicken pieces and parts for a living. i know, it's a match made in heaven. i'm crying in my coffee (with soy milk) right now.

thanks for following the link. i'm glad you found it interesting.

if grumpy sends me flowers, i'll go to work for wal-death, i mean wal-mart.



Talk about junior high... Ok, let's air it out publicly. It'll be fun...

You didn't strike a nerve with me because I haul around dead chicken. Do you intentionally try to misunderstand or do you just twist everything around in order to rationalize your own life?

You're a rude, offensive and obnoxious person. That's why I don't like you. And more importantly, YOU don't like you.

You did the typical Liberal self-hating thing: You said, "Would you like to be friends?".. and then you immediately starting saying, "Your soul is corrupt and you are an evil person."

Who doesn't love that? It's why I never married. I date a girl for 6 months and it immediately turns into this drag... "Ok, here's what's wrong with you."

Wonderful. Who the fuck needs that?

I'm sorry for you that your life is miserable and unhappy, as you repeatedly stated in your emails to me. But I enjoy my life and don't have any interest in someone misdirecting their unhappiness towards me.

As I've stated to you and here publicly to all you Liberals... I think your life would get better for YOU if you would let go of the moral superiority thing... stop thinking you need to change or fix others and demean them... and focus on yourself. You can face it now, or wait until you lie on your death bed and realize you wasted your whole life worrying about everyone else.. not realizing that that froze you and was the cause of your unhappiness... That you never threw your passions into making yourself happy and fulfilled.

And I say this publicly because it applies to many of you Liberals: You're not willing to be honest with yourself about yourself and it is THIS that drives your unhappiness.... not these diversions that you invent to blame something other than the mirror.

Everything that Catnipper stated in his/her post was factually incorrect. Basing your belief system on a fraud makes your life a fraud.

Whatever. You all keep doing your thing. Why on earth you insist on making your entire life a complete lie is beyond me... But you'll see.... You'll find out.

Lynn found out.

No one is coming to save you or rescue you. No one is going to right the wrongs you've created as the cause of your misery.

You can either focus on yourself honestly... and stop blaming people who eat meat, or work on Wall Street or whatever...

Or you can keep evading the truth about yourself and stay in a cocoon of denial and remain unhappy and unfulfilled.

To catnipper123

Yes, my beloved Nosey, passed away Christmas Day. Still mourning but trying to stay strong for my surviving baby, Misty. She has become withdrawn and I'm considering getting a kitten to keep her company.
Thank you for asking!

Bianca - Just checked back here and found your sad message. I know what you mean - other animals in the house are bothered by the death of one in their "pack". I'm down to one cat (from 3 cats, a dog and a parakeet!!) and sort of enjoying the dogless lifestyle - I can stay away from home for more than 8 hours. Cats are so easy that way. Again, sorry about your cat and the really lousy timing - losing Lynn at the same time.

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