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January 27, 2012


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I remember this - thank you!

It's been a month since Lynn left all of us looking for a voice. I think about all the things she's missed. Watching Judge Judy and realizing it's still light out when the show
ends, Michael Savage coming back on the radio live after Christmas, after Xmas sale at Macy's on Le Sport bags, the lack of snow this winter in NY. Then I think WWLS (what would Lynn say) about PIPA, SOPA, Ran Paul and the TSA, the cruise ship captain, and Obama just continuing to run this country into ground, and all the things that would have tweaked her interest that she would have brought to us. What a long month it's been.

This didn't seem to hurt Pat O'Brien's career at all. Matter of fact, he was in a Puff Daddy Video after it.

"We aint.
Going nowhere.
We aint.
Going nowhere.
We can't be stopped now.

Cuz it's Bad Boy for Life."

I think Lynn would be all about these 4 retards left in the Republican campaign. Ya know she hated Newt, cuz she wanted Bill Clinton's stain on her blue dress. She'd be all about Ron Paul.

Even though I've seen enough of Paul to know that he says 2 things that make perfect sense... like getting control of the Fed and getting our Military out of everywhere...

Then he says a 3rd thing that is so goofy it's laughable. Like comparing Osama Bin Laden to a Chinese dissident. That one was cringe-worthy.

I wonder if she was a JC Penny fan? Wonder what she'd have to say about Penny's announcing permanent low prices and no more sales.

This is so funny and true. I'm sorry she took heat for what she said. If Howard said something (and I'm sure he did) it would have been considered cool.
I think she would love Penny's new policy. Lots of shopping talk. God bless her.

I think about Lynn every day, but I had a heart-attack in 06 and flatlined for 3 min, all I can say is Lynn is in a place where all is peaceful and she's very happy. I miss her so much, I play her next to last show every week. It makes me feel good. If anyone wants to talk about Lynn you can e-mail me at susaninalabama@gmail.com
I think we'll always remember Lynn, I know I will always love her for letting a ole' mail carrier from Alabama feel special.

I miss our Lynn so very much
One very difficult month!

I noticed all the postings on this site, it was never like that when she was alive! I hope she knew how many people loved her.

That's one of the reasons I keep posting audio clips and some other stories Lynn would be interested in. I think it's one way to keep her spirit alive...and also keep the website, which was her baby, active.

These posts are so bittersweet; please keep them coming!

Nice work on the uploads. I miss her so much!!!

You know, after listening to all these old clips from the mid 2000s and even from the 1990s, I am convinced more than ever that the "powers that be" at Sirius wore her down to the point that her show later on just wasn't the same show from before.

Her show back then was like a lesson in ADHD. It could go anywhere at any time, and could be politics one second to the subway ride into Manhattan in the next moment. That's what I loved about her show. It was real.

In her many emails, she always said the people at Sirius never told her to change her show, but I am convinced that someone over there told her to keep on point with politics or she's be in trouble. These clips are just so different from the ones leading up to her departure.

Keep them coming!

Hey Jamie. I think you're right and wrong about this. Yes, Lynn used to be all over the place a bit more in previous years, but there's also other differences. In going over her WABC tapes, she was much more positive, talked about going out quite a bit (including bowling!), socializing with friends, etc. Once she moved to Queens and started at Sirius, her attitude did change more. Things annoyed her easier, she became more negative and cynical. Some of that might be due to age. Some of it might be the pressure of being on a politically programmed show (despite what it actually was). I don't really knows.

But I can say that even on Sirius Left, if you were listening every day, the topics jumped around like crazy. Most of the clips I've posted thus far come from Sirius Left...and most of them are not political in nature. In fact, a friend of mine who doesn't have Sirius and only knew of Lynn from compilation CDs of funny clips I'd make was kinda shocked when reading her obituaries. "I had no idea she was such a political trailblazer - most of the things you've played for me had nothing to do with politics."

And that was one of Lynn's arguments. That whatever she talked about - from American Idol to the latest Febreeze flavor - was seen through her eyes, which were the eyes of a liberal. So it was all political.

I really don't think that she got much feedback from Sirius in terms of content. In fact, as I said before, Dave Gorab was one of her biggest fans and defenders. And he was the one who really fought for her to be on Sirius Stars. I think had he not done that, she would have been let go when the full merging of Sirius and XM streams took place. He knew she was a star and with all of the channels he oversees, he almost always listened to Lynn's shows....live. That's not a boss. That's a fan.

At least, that's my take.

Interesting, Billy.

I was never sure what attributes could have caused the shift I perceived as being a "change" in her show. No one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors in places like Sirius. I mean hell, even Howard started getting a lot of crap from the uppers and he's the main event!

Looking back, I think I just became concerned with her increased isolation. It is clear to me now that when she decided to do her shows from home, she almost completely cut herself off physically from the rest of the world unless it was related to a news item.

Eh, what does it matter now...? I just wish we had a "Sirius Box Set" of Lynn's shows. Honestly, I'm not sure if there is a limit to what'd I'd pay to have that. Hah!

Well, Jamie, you're right in that it doesn't matter for Lynn. But I do think it's an interesting topic for discussion. I know as someone who is self-employed and doesn't have to leave the house either that it is a very easy trap to fall into - to just isolate yourself, constantly work on and off during the day, and find it consumes your life. It's one of the reasons I always schedule things in the afternoon - even if it's just running errands. You have to sometimes force yourself to get out. Anyone who works at home knows that you never really stop working... it's always there. So I think Lynn found it easier to throw herself into the website, household projects, TV, radio, etc. rather than deal with the proported assholes in the real world. I can't say I blame her, but it probably wasn't the healthiest thing...

Billy, you have done such a wonderful thing for Lynn's fans. Not being able to grieve at a wake or funeral left all of us bereft. I still feel like I want to memorialize her in some tangible way. But for now, listening to her in all her glory is a welcome pleasure.

please keep this site up. Lynn used to pick the best news in the world to put on her site and the discussion was very entertaining


I wish it had been Pat Robinson. That prick makes me want to puke. Someone should tatoo a blood-diamond on his face.

These audio clips are great. Keep them coming.
I was listening to several of them in my car while driving home and almost forgot that is wasn't live on the radio. It was an odd feeling when reality sunk in.

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