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January 29, 2012


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Terry for Queens! Hope you have a happy birthday!!!

Miss you Lynn

Happy Birthday, Terry! Enjoy your day.

Lynn, in your honor I have ordered my very first Le Sac bag from Macy's. Miss you bunches...

Happy Birthday Terry!!!

Wow...this is cool/sad. Try and have a happy day Terry...

I believe this is the Terry that got Lynn in trouble on the air!,if it is http://i41.tinypic.com/10mltvt.jpg

nope, AVM, that wasn't Terry. That was David (I think)

Terry was one of Lynn's most interesting callers.

Happy Birthday Terry from Queens!

Miss Lynn so much; gonna search out kosher coca cola around Passover. Will try to read the two books she mentioned on air-Pattern Recognition and Dark Ages America since there's NOTHING to listen to radio now.


Miserable, self-hating, depressing, nasty person. Doing that phony gay "Dahling" routine.

Oh, well. Lynn was a nice person who appreciated talking to anyone.

Terry was a caller from WAY back and I'm sure he misses Lynn a lot. Happy Birthday, Terry!

i always enjoyed the Terry from Queens calls. when she would say "Okay. Terry from Queens", i would would always perk up. thanks Terry

Happy birthday, Terry

Happy Birthday
Wishing you all the best

Happy Birtday (I am 20 minutes late)

Mine is today



Terry is hilarious, and how Lynn would criticize him for being a government worker, with more "days off" than us all, was even more funny. Happy Birthday Terry.

@GrumpyTrucker: You are a FUCKING loser.

Actually no Rizzo, GT is not a FUCKING loser. He's absolutely correct about Terry. I love Lynn but I couldn't stand Terry. He was pathetic.

Marilyn, evidently your mother was pathetic. She brought your fat, ghetto ass into the world

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