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January 23, 2012


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Wow, listening to that now is like a slap of Aqua Velva in the face.

I see the comments have tapered off. I haven't commented much either. But I hope people are still visiting the website and listening to these great clips.

Anyway, Happy Academy Rewards nomination day! Lynn has called it the Rewards since at least the 1990s. I asked her why a few years ago, and she wrote back: "i made that up cause i think quite often people win for reasons other than the quality of their work." That was her philosophy regarding politicians and talk show hosts, too.

I'm very sorry I didn't take the opportunity to ask her other things I'd been curious about. For example, who was the caller who started off with "This is number six calling!" and what did it mean? Anyone remember him?

Well its Finale....I had her Cards and Sirius Packege Lamimiaded that she sent me to my home in Ecuador.....looking at it and feel a Sadness....and SAD 6 days before her death she wished me DEAD......but I wish HER SOUL PEACE....wish I knew HOW to post them, also with Jackie,Joane and Emily who she got FIRED....life is a BITCH, TRUST ME.....and to my MINIONS POST HERE not on my SITE

Peace and LOVE

I always thought it funny that she wanted the flu vaccine considering so many drug companies often create hysteria to sell medicine. Lynn loved conspiracies. But, the fact that she wanted the vaccine showed her idiosyncracies which is what made her so loveable.

Have you ever had the flu, Marcy?

Seriously, I'm not being insulting. I'm just axing.

I've seen people my whole life saying, "I have the flu" and I think, "No, you don't."

If they really had THE FLU, they'd be bedridden. I've had it twice in my life... once as a kid and once about 10 years ago. In both cases, I was squirting uncontrollably from both ends. And didn't move from the bed for five days.

I think Lynn had had THE FLU and was willing to risk it in order to protect herself. That shit is nasty. Used to kill all kinds of people. Influenza.

And NDY... Did you mean "Laminated?" Not sure if you hit the sticky-icky extra hard tonight or what. But your post was kinda hard to decipher.

Anyway.. CC.. I'll start posting some more. I know that warms your heart. I've been biting my tongue and feeling like saying stuff would be "inappropriate."

But I think Lynn would punch me in the face for thinking that.


Hey Marcy... Let's fuck!!

As long as it's been, I still turn on 107 on Sat., but the rabbi dosn't do it for me. I will not be doing that this Sat. Sirius turned my radio off today.
Good to hear from you Grump, writing that book yet?

ooh, you're the toughest boy in the class. Soon you'll be all grown up.

Thanks for putting up more clips!
I really miss her sometimes.

Don't think I'll ever grow up. My Mother (before she disowned me out of shame) used to tell me I was born a few months immature.

And Susan... No, I'm not writing a book, yet. But I AM collecting panties.

Just collecting. I don't wear them or anything.

Seriously. That would be weird.


I don't!!

Ok. Maybe a couple times.


They feel so nice on my skin!!

My withdrawal is somewhat dissipated. :) Thank you Billy

Not Dead Yet,

How come Lynn wished you dead, did you two have some sort of argument?

Billy, you are a Godsend. Thanks.

Yes, thank you Billy!!!

Thanks for posting.A week After Lynn died my regular computer would shut-down Lynn's site which has been my homepage for 10 years,but I could view this page with my laptop with no trouble. I tried everything with no luck.Now I can view it again on my regular computer,for some unknown reason????.

N1H1 Swine Vaccine More Dangerous than Flu : http://www.politicolnews.com/n1h1-vaccine-dangerous/ When Joan Rivers had a radio talk show years ago on WOR in New York ,she talked about her father who was a doctor and he said that the flu shots where very dangerous and never under any circumstance should you take them.

AVM... there was some kernel or some thingy in one of the videos posted that would set off your pop-up blocker.

Same thing happened to me. It's why I didn't post for a week or so. The page kept saying, "This tab has been recovered" in an endless loop.

But once Billy took down that video, it was all good. Hope it doesn't happen again, cuz I love these old clips.

Amen,and thanks grumpytrucker for the info ....

There might be fewer comments cause people (like me) feel like they should comment about the clip - not just general comments. Billy could you please give us a general comment heading? I can't believe I'm even asking this - you've been so generous to keep this going.

Hey does anybody think Ron Paul might just be the bridge between Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party that Lynn said would be a powerful force? By the looks of how much coverage he gets -none- both sides are scared of him!!

Billy thanks again for this site. Lots of people owe their sanity to you through all of this.

Catnipper.. I suggest you post away your thoughts. Don't edit your feelings. I don't think Lynn would want that.

And I agree with you that Ron Paul could unite the dopes in the Occupy movement with the frauds in the Tea Party.

I like how Dennis Miller put it: (Paraphrasing)

"Mitt Romney paid 30% tax on money he earned. Then he paid another 15% on that same money when he invested it and grew it. He paid about 3 million in taxes and gave about 7 million to charity in the past 2 years... but HE'S the problem with America.

And the guy who took a dump on a police car is the Time Person of the Year."

Our standards are so fucked up.

To Grumpy,
Why do you collect panties?
Do you have issues?
Anyway Lynn loved you, So I guess I do too.
Be careful out in that truck, some of us care about you, panties and all.
I bet you wear those panties! Just messing with ya!

Thanks to Billy I still feel a bit connected to everyone as I miss all the call's and questions, thought's, stories,
...Oh what a year it will be without our Lynn.

Do I have issues?

My issues have issues.

The neighbors keep calling, saying, "Your issues are in our yard again."

(Seriously, though.. 99% of what I write is for entertainment only.. pure nonsense. But I do like something in a light-mesh every once in awhile.)

I thought so Grumpy, Your actually a great person, who needs to say things only a prick would say. And I have a strange need to point this out to you, in Lynn fashion, I miss that woman so much, especially on the weekend's, so much I could just scream. Your post remind me of her, off the wall and crazy, but always fun. Thanks Grumpy...

Just wanted to say thank you for all the clips. Missing Lynn is hard; I've been in a slump since they broke up OWS and then we lost Lynn, and well, I was saving the clips up for two weeks like the end of a good book that you don't want to finish. Finally listened to them all yesterday. Thanks you, Billy, for helping to preserve her memory. She deserved so much more than she got. How dear it is to love an underdog.

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