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August 18, 2011


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She is a IDIOT!!!!!!! She only lends credence that the Tea Party is a cult (and possibly the Zombies of the coming apocalypse)!

However the REAL Story was his next guest the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz. BRILLIANT!

I never thought I would miss Larry King,Piers the jerk who replaced him thinks he is edgy by talking over his quests.

Looks like the KKooKy witch from Delaware has gained some weight since her failed run at public office. That double chin and fat little face look sooooooo cute! Maybe she should get a job.

I agree she's a lightweight and worthy of some scorn, BUT I wish they'd treat the dem kooks the same way.

kucinich sees aliens, obama's incompetent, biden has a constant foot in his mouth. When will they be confronted by these so-called interviewers or treated in the same way?

anderson cooper, piers morgan, chris matthews et.al. are so transparently deferential when it comes to some politicians but not others.

It smacks of the same bias Fox News is accused of constantly!

Why doesn't piers just tap her phone-he is good at that.

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