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July 31, 2008


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you were speaking about how we now have no one to do the manual labor needed to keep this country going. Well there was a documentary on PBS and it addressed this issue. They found that in the 60s because of the war all these colleges popped up. Since one could get a deferment for college thousands of colleges appeared. Everyone was "pushed" to go to college and the mind set became go to college.

Now colleges first two years is almost a repeat of high school while other countries in the world do not need 4 years to get a degree. But then again other countries help or pay for students to go to school.

Trade schools became a thing of the past as the colleges got more gov money and they did their marketing on the high schools, etc. Unfortunately, those classes for tradesmen/women were cut.

In some parts of europe the kids around middle school are put into two categories X and Y block. If you are X they prep and encourage you to go on to higher education. Block Y is encouraged to go into trade: plummers, electricians, etc. One draw back was once you were put into the block you had to really prove that you "worthy" of the other.

I think they need to start in the high school. only this country has kids going to school until they are 18 and if they are not going to college there is not a lot for them to do to earn a living. I think by the middle of high school a lot kids know if they could hack it in college. Military has become the new training ground.

I think of the documentary I will let you know.


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