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September 23, 2012


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To quote Lynn, Ikinci...."I don't speak Spanish...this is AMERICA. Now I'm going to slam the door in your f*cking face!!!

Welp,Lynn is missing another "super" storm! Miss you Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!

well folks CHARGE your cell phones.....Looks like its being a Bumpy Ride....in ecador the winds are POUNDING....got the generator set up and cords all over the house.....be safe as I will try to be


Queens NY is under water. Can't help but think of Lynn during this horrible storm!

I wonder if Lynn would have screamed at ConEd from her second floor window as they drove their boats by outside...

I would love to hear Lynn talk about Sandy

it would have been great to hear lynn's comments on sandy and the upcoming election...god i miss her :(.

david i hope you fared ok through the storm. let us now how you are doing.



To hear Lynn complain about Con Ed, Sirius, Sandy and how she hates everyone would be music to my ears

God I miss her so much....if only we could hear her talking about Sandy, the election, Christie, Bloomberg (marathon man).... hopefully she would have been safe in her apartment in Queens. I lost my best radio friend in the world. I still remember how it felt waiting for her show Saturday morning last Dec 24. Empty and weird when it went to classical music. RIP Sweet Lynn. 'the heart never forgets what it once felt'

p.s. I know, I know, she could be a nasty bitch, but she was our bitch!

Miss her so much. Wondering all week if her apartment in Queens lost power, flooded, and would have loved to hear about what she did to get ready for the storm. Missing her tonight . . . She would have loved Bill on the Stump for the past few months. I miss my Radio Friend and all of her callers. Thank you for keeping this site alive. I miss you Lynn . . ..

O My God if Lynn were here today. Better for her to not see this Barack Obama second term. The oy veys would have taken over and her heart would have given out all over again. I miss her more and more.

Robert, I sure hope to. I think there are certain times that we need Lynn's voice - and Christmas is definitely one of them.

Nobody compares to Lynn! I'm happy we can still get to hear her. I hope she's enjoying it on the other side. Rest in Peace our friend!

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