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June 14, 2012


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That grumpytrucker seems to like that people here die if they don't have enough money for healthcare. Tell me do the Australians come here for healthcare? I have lived in Melboure they don't And if the healthcare is so bad in Canada why dont they simply vote it out? Maybe they will answer that question on Fox News

Yeah, braniac. Anybody who opposes the Government determining how many hours a Doctor can work and how many patients he can have (Canada) must want people to die.

How old are you? Six?

And Australians (like Europeans) all use our technology. Our cat-scan machines, MRI technology, stent technology, cancer screenings and all the drugs developed in this country.

Like Radiohead a few years ago... It's easy to enrich yourself and benefit based upon the system others provided you... And then declare that system evil and yourself morally superior to it.

But in case you haven't noticed, Europe is circling the toilet drain except Germany... which severely cut it's entitlements and is basically carrying the rest. And Radiohead went back to charging people for music.

Dying earlier and more painfully is exactly what people end up with in Government rationing. It just takes time to run out of money.

Oh,and riddle me this Einstein...

Who will pay this new Tax/penalty (whatever you want to call it.)??

The only people without insurance are those who can't afford it.

So you Libtards just cheered on the largest, most crushing tax increase on the poor in this country's history.

But that's Liberalism. They knee-cap when you're not looking. Then they show up with a bandage while you are trying to figure out who knee-capped you and say, "It was those guys over there. I'm trying to help you."

I'm just so sorry you are all to stupid to see that.

Hey Grumpy aka right wing idot You didnt answer the question If socialized healthcare is so bad doesn't Canada Australia Etc. simply vote it out? They are democracies. You can't answer that because your drug addicted hero Limbaugh hasn't told you how.

Oh grumpy lets not forget Europe Canada and Australia have longer life spans than we do I have lived in "Socialist" Australia and guess what everything is fine and they don't envy us. They are horrified that we let people die who don't have enough money or we bankrupt them take their houses and empty their bank account I guess thats "Freedom" to an idoit like you.



Research your tired talking points some.

We drive and crash and die. We drink and smoke. We do drugs. We shoot each other. We eat fatty foods.

Life-span has nothing to with health care. That canard has been thoroughly debunked and ridiculed by everyone except Micheal Moore devotees.

And Australia has 20 million people and a completely homogenous population.

Everything that you believe is a fraud, dude. Sorry. You can either recognize it now or suffer severe heartbreak and disillusionment as realizing your whole life was dedicated to a fraud. Like Lynn did.

49th in life expectancy with "the best health care in the world" Would someone answer the question you will never hesr on Fox If socialized medicine is so bad why don't all these countries vote it out? There isn't even significant opposition to it in any of them Why???

Life expectancy has nothing to do with health care system. We drink, drive and crash, drug, shoot each other, and eat tons of McMeals.

You measure the quality of the health care system by how many people are saved after entering it. We are number one in cancers, heart disease, and everything else.

You've been told that lie about life expectancy because you are easily confused. So if I step in a manhole and die... That's because our health system sucks?

C'mon dude. You gotta think a little. Especially if you are gonna mouth off.

And these things can't be voted out because they are intergenerational and Gov't has taken over the infrastructure.

For example... We used to privately educate all students when Abe Lincoln grew up. Over time, Government took over all the schools. So we can't just vote that out because there are not nearly the number of private schools available to accomodate all the students.

See, the plan is to get you dependent on them so that you have to vote for them. It has nothing to do with helping people. You are what Stalin called a "Useful Idiot" in that regard.

C'mon Libtards. Be honest with yourself.

You don't know anyone who has died due to lack of health care.

You don't know anyone who knows anyone who has died because of lack of health care.

But just like with "Helping the Poor"... You imagine there is this tucked away part of America... maybe underneath the interstates somewhere... that you've never seen where they are stacking up all the bodies of people who've died because they couldn't health care. And "the poor" are all barefoot and living in boxes.

It doesn't exist. This alternate universe you've let these people define for you.

You know who ranks above us in life expectancy? Cuba, Oman, Qatar, Parts of China and Malta.

Are you saying people fly over to Qatar or Malta in order to get better medical care?

See, you've been told a lie. And you've based your worldview upon a lie.

Now that you recognize that this is a lie... and that that lie has formed your political opinion... are you going to demonstrate some introspection and ask yourself, "Gee, I wonder what else these people are lying to me about." ?????

Probably not. That's what makes you a Libtard.

The big lie, though of Liberalism... the grand poobah of Liberal lies... The Alpha Myth of all things Liberal... is about money. That's another one where they've fooled you.



There is no significant opposition to Medicare or Social Security in this country, either.

Because it has been made intergenerational. Meaning: Any changes made to it will hurt someone. So people are scared to death of losing it since all other options have been taken away.

Did you know that you HAVE to sign up for Medicare in order to get your Social Security?

Now, why would they do that?

Let's say you are wealthy and can afford your own health care. You don't need to bother the taxpayers with paying for your medical bills.

But you certainly aren't gonna leave all that money they took from you in Social Security. Are you? Of course not.

See, Liberalism is not about helping anyone. It's about making sure people need help and that they can... or must only get it from the Government.

Your entire political orientation is based upon a fraud.

(Grumpy takes a bow and blows kisses to the crowd after his excellent encore and gracefully exits the stage to a thunderous and awe-inspiring ovation.)

Sorry. One more. Just saw this.

Cuba is facing a Cholera outbreak and is considering quarantining the city of Havana.

The story says that cars roll through the city blaring loudspeakers reminding people about hygiene.

Cuba ranks higher than America in life expectancy.

But apparently, their superior Health Care system hasn't figured out how to deal with something that our inferior health care system wiped out over 100 years ago.


And if you remember, Cuba is the model Michael Moore pointed to in one of his movies for a health care system that America should emulate.



53 people dead so far.

Might possibly quarantine Havana.


And 83% of doctors have considered quitting because of Obamacare.

Based upon a survey of 700 Doctors.

Obama wasn't lying when he said, "You can keep your Doctor."

But your Doctor won't keep you. Your Doctor won't even keep himself.

Hello Doctor shortage.
Hello Death Panels.
Hello wait times.
Hello rationing.

Good jobs Libtards. You've just about ruined all of Western Civilization.

But the important thing is that you feel good about yourself for trying to help people.

lol at the George Michael comment on the previous page. Listen to the first hour of Lynn's last show... hahaha so damn funny. L

Hey JamininNC,

You do realize it is because of a caring "gay" person that you are allowed to continue to come here and enjoy these clips of Lynn. That's right, Billy is gay and for you to call gays weird is a bit disrespectful.

A study in the Harvard Gazette in 2009 shows that 45,000 people die in the US every year due to lack of medical insurance coverage.Why don't all these "tea party patriots" in Congress give up their goverment healthcare and to Grumpytrucker Have you driven on any roads or highways lately? Thats socialism You big goverment liberal riding on those socialist roads!

You are quoting a study.

Like the study that proved AIDS was a heterosexual pandemic?

Or the study proving acid rain?

Or the study proving the world would be out of oil by the year 2000?

Or the study that proved the hole in the ozone layer?

Or the studies that prove Global Warming?

Or the studies that proved the Stimulus would lower unemployment to below 8% within a year?

That kind of study?

Again.. you don't anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has died from lack of health care. You are living in world of studies constructed for you by people who want to manipulate you.

And you are only repeating the things you have been told without thinking about them critically.

I proved to you that what you were basing the lynch-pin of your argument on is a fraud. And you display no introspection or self-doubt.

You just charge right ahead. Liberals are bullying pigs.

And Jamie is gay, by the way.

Just so you know, JL.

Thank you Grumps,

I thought I was going to have to make that clear for JL. And quite frankly, if Billy is the kind of gay I am, he will likely agree with me 100%. Quite the opposite from some other psycho-gays we know.

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