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March 02, 2012


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These are great, but can I request that you also put the dates of the broadcast as well if possible?

http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1683&dat=20050406&id=ZbwaAAAAIBAJ&sjid=ZkUEAAAAIBAJ&pg=4168,4417036 Apr 5, 2005 – Delivery Man Found After Being Stuck in Elevator For Nearly 4 Days.

what fun to hear! a classic lynn rant. i think she makes some great points too.

i miss her.



Keep 'em coming, Billy. It's great to get a little Lynn fix every now and then. I dunno how extensive your tape collection is (I hope you inherited hers), but there's just such a wealth of fabulous material that you could probably keep this up for years. Every day was a new hilarious existential crisis with Lynn.

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