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February 19, 2012


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Oh, Lynn, I'm really missing you this week. I still find myself up early on Sat/Sun reaching to change the station to Stars Channel....

My husband and I listened to this clip and chucked as we did each time we listened to her! I miss her so much. She was so honest yet kind when she needed to be. I miss her comments on EVERYTHING. Loved to hear about her trips to Target, WholeFoods, etc. Oh, and she would have loved this mild winter!!!

Going to buy a Kindle, with Cash, soon. Also, the first book I'll download and read will be the Steven King one that she spoke of so often.

Missing Lynn in Maine ):

listening to this clip reminds me of how entertaining lynn could be when she picks the same word to repeat over and over. one time my partner and me counted how many times lynn said '7 year old's vagina' when complaining about the TSA searches. it was so funny. i'm looking forward to escorting my disabled son through midway airport when he flies to visit his dad soon.

susan, i always enjoyed when you and lynn discussed books. maybe you could post here every so often what you're reading? thanks!
wasn't lynn opposed to the kindle at first? then after she got it, loved it, and never looked back?



I read 9/22/66 right after Lynn recommended it. Loved it. That's one of the things I miss most of all. Her book recommendations. I never would have read the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo if not for Lynn's recommendation. Her taste was so diverse, sometimes I agreed sometimes not, but it was always interesting. There's a real void in my life. I listen to the Satellite Sisters podcasts, but its not at all the kind of enjoyment I got from Lynn's broadcasts.

Today marks 2 months since our Lynn has passed.
Why does it still hurt so much?
People say that Lynn is in a better place but I feel selfish and want her here with us.
I wish Sirius could have appreciated her more too.
Thanks to you all for posting
please keep it up OK.
My one big wish is that we all get together and have a podcast or radio show with a facilitator
like Billy and just talk about Lynn and target etc. this might help who knows
Any idea's would be appreciated

Logan I agree about Mike Malloy. He is almost unlistenable because he has no sense of humor and just comes off as mean. You can tell he knows he has this problem because every now and then he tries to say something funny but it always sounds painfully forced and falls flat. Lynn could be mean but also sweet and funny. And Susan, I don't get all the brouhaha over Alex Jones either, he's awful. And with Stern working a couple of days a week and his constant vacations, the hole left by Lynn's departure is bigger than ever. Outside of Jay Thomas Sirius doesn't have much to offer in terms of talk radio except shows you can get for free on terrestrial radio o
r the Internet. I don't know why I'm still subscribing.

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