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January 22, 2012


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Please please PLEASE keep posting these clips! It's wonderful to hear a little bit of Lynn every few days, and you're providing a much-appreciated service to us longtime fans. If Sirius doesn't have a problem with it (and, frankly, why would they? It's not like they'll be airing this material ever again) it might be nice to start a broader archive of shows/clips. I never taped myself (which I am now very much regretting), but I know many others did, and I'd be quite willing to donate to procure server space for such a project. As many others have said, Lynn's talent was so irrepressible that it was nearly impossible to listen to her for five minutes without literally laughing out loud...and in this current media environment,, that ability to make virtually anything funny without coming off as a condescending ass is a rare and precious commodity (Limbaugh had the same talent in his early years but has lost it in the intervening decades).

Yes, please, keep adding clips! What a wonderful tribute to our beloved Lynn. I can't stop the watershed as my granddaughter and I dance to Nina, Pretty Ballerina!

What a wonderful clip, with Lynn's running fusillade of insults, directed at people who richly deserve them.

I had the, um, pleasure of hearing Joy Behar on WABC.

All I can say is that when they replaced Lynn with Behar, WABC's management went from being really bright (John Manelli) to really dumb (everyone since).

The shows too, went from bright (not all, but some) to uniformly dumb, party-line, and boring.

The station has never recovered.

Thanks guys. This was so much fun to listen to. (Must be next stage of grief "able to enjoy listening to departed's voice")

I got a laugh last week - The Daily Show played Newt's tortured Spanish clip- odd that we never saw it before and suddenly it emerges after we all watched it on this site weeks ago - somebody's lurking.

Thanks again for keeping this up. This is still on the top of my bookmarks and I check daily. I miss her.

Another great clip. I remember Joy Behar often attempting to get Bruce involved in the show. There was one conversation with Bruce where Joy actually admitted not having the time to read the Times that morning.
Joy would also often treat Bruce almost like the straight man in a comedy routine, at the same time pumping him for info often involving a story that Bruce just read in his news brief.

Lynn knew how to make everyone feel like they knew her personally and now everyone feels like they've lost their friend.
Hearing these clips makes me laugh and miss her even more. Damn it Samuels...why did ya have to go!! I miss you!!

Matt, I know exactly what your saying. I feel as if I've lost my best friend too. I did tape Lynn's next to last show, and I really enjoy it. For a few min. I can feel as Lynn is live and being Lynn.
I like the song I'll See You In My Dreams by Jimmy Durante. Mrs. Calabash.
So, Goodnight Miss Samuels, Where ever you are!

I love to listen too. I agree next stage of grief is to listen to a departed voice. I would like to see a tribute radio show like Richard Bey did where callers and guests/with friends and family could share our love of this wonderful lady.

it's so nice to hear lynn's voice. although as soon as the clip is finished i get so sad. i still find it hard to believe that lynn is gone. i miss her.



Lynn summed up Behar's persona perfectly. As cranky as Lynn could be ( we loved her for it), she was never mean.

I officially canceled Sirius today, told them they had nothing to offer me. I also told them I missed Lynn Samuels. Got no sympathy, oh well did I expect any? NO! I did however get a XM radio and a three month trial. Thought I’d give Alex Jones a try, Lynn seemed to like him a lot.

i am sitting here cracking up at my Lynnie calling Joy Behar a 24 Karat Gold Solid B***h. LMAOOOOOOOO

Thank you! OMG I Miss Lynn so very Much! These clips are wonderful and keep them coming!

Billy, ABBA is about to re-release some of their music. I know Lynn would be happy to hear that, and would post the link on her site.


This was great to listen to. As previous people have said, please keep posting these clips. I also agree with Richard Bey hosting a tribute show or something. They were hilarious when they were together. Mark Simone and Lynn also had great chemistry on the air. I spent my teenage years listening to Lynn on WABC and I was unable to jump ship to her SIRIUS show. Her commentary on even the most mundane things was always insightful and entertaining. As a mid-20s guy, it's one of the few things I still enjoy from those days. I really miss listening to her.

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