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January 12, 2012


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i cannot get this to play

will not play on my computer either.
and i remember seeing this on youtube.

Here are two I think Lynn would have posted:



Sorry...the link is fixed now.

hey Billy can you post my one of my best calls that also " DISAppeared" some years ago from you tube about the Iran boat conflict.....it was from Night Bird, but it was SHUT DOWN......I think the Few who are posting would get a KICK out of one of my last GOOD Calls with her.....it WAS FUN and Funny

P @ L David

Hmmm - I don't remember that clip, David. Was it a Sirius Left call? If you know the date, I can try and find it here. Or if you have it, e-mail it to me and I can post it.

oh its there on youtube just look it up......just type in samuels and Caller about Iran Boat incendent......."Me Thinks One of my Best Calls in the early Days

Stay warm


Makes me miss Lynn even more! Thanks for sharing Billy. Keep 'em coming.

Just listened to Lynn's last show in it's entirety again. It is kind of surreal some of the things she says when you know it is her last. It was classic. I still miss her incredibly.

Missing Lynn's voice today.....

Missing her today too. And why is this the 2nd week of mike feder repeats?

Always missing Lynn too. Anybody know about Mike Feder?

Lynn always made me happy and that clip was golden. Music to my ear's!
Thank you all
Missing my Lynn today too

Great clip,Lynn was did not like to do TV but she was a natural on it ,even when she was wrong,Thanks again for posting the whole rare clip.

Not sure what's going on with Mike Feder, but you can contact him here:


He's very different from Lynn, but did do share some ideology, and were both brutally honest on-air.

Mike Feder is a loser. Lynn was a winner.

You, grumpy cook, are a dipshit. You take up space here to call one of the last studio broadcasters fucking remaining on SIRIUS/XM so-called LEFT, a loser. I remember all the name-calling here about Lynn and it was, oh so productive. Who gives a shit who you don't like?!! How about we just get fucking rid of EVERYBODY on sattelite radio so EVERYBODY can be fucking happy with being fucking unhappy, listening to FUCKING NOBODY.

Can't find another broadcaster that comes even close to Lynn. Every day I expect to hear her at 1:00 even though it's been almost a year since she was put on weekends. Is it because we were the same age, lived in Manhattan and Queens, loved Target and WholeFoods, I don't think so. She was unique and I miss her terribly, waiting for acceptance that she is gone.

Missing Lynn . . . I miss her voice, her stories, links, and callers.

I miss Lynn too. I wish she was here to give us all hell. I did not know women had adams apple( Coulter) Lynn always said that.

I just learned of Lynn's passing this weekend when I went to catch up with her, after a two month lapse, via a quick push of the button to my favorite voice and stream of consciousness! She was not there. Is not. Throughout the past several days, I've been blowing up my electronic devices just to hear her. To be reminded of her. To remain connected somehow, someway. Perhaps this is it...seeing a familiar name written, like "Susan in Alabama" or composing this comment. Thank you, Billy for keeping us threaded. Tears flooding my sight -I MISS YOU LYNN! We all do here at Lynnsamules.com!

I also miss some of her regular callers where is that wonderful woman who used to call all the time remember she moved from up north somewhere to mid atlantic and got job there she was great caller lynn loved her what was her name cindy or something yikes someone help me and if you are out there hon post post

I saw this live on TV. I remember I was pregnant and on bed rest. Listening to Lynn everyday on the radio was one of the only things that got me through. I still miss her so much. When will it stop hurting so much? BTW, she wasn't defending the Obama administration. The clip is from 2007.

Lynn in Tampa

Still loving you, Lynn.


THANK YOU TO THE PERSON KEEPING lynn samuels voice alve.

God I miss her every weekend & never a day goes by I don't tell someone something she said of her Sirius show.
Thank you for keeping her voice alive

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