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January 20, 2012


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I love how she always took as much time as she wanted with each caller. I know her bosses hated that, but it's one of the things that made it seem like you were hanging out with a friend when you listened to her.

Thanks for posting! please don't stop.

You're so right. Lynn never did the quickie phone call; it's why we love her. Thanks so much for posting this.

yup Lynn was way cool. thats the NYC in her. Peace Lynn, we miss ya.

I hated lynn for soo many years we just didnt agree on issues.Then having missed Bob Grant. I found her on sirus radio. I live in Queens same as Lynn ',shop in same stores. I became a huge fan could not wait to hear her on the radio. I am truly sorry i never called her to tell what a big fan I was and how I enjoyed her and the show.

Oh My God in Mercyful Heaven, What ever will we do for our Lynn fix. Thanks Billy, it's not live, but it's all we have. Bless you.

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