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July 23, 2011


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What a HEATED story...so now my Tweet from the Twit...well another fucking HOT week without my HOT Betterhalf...went to pick him up today at FUCKING MacArthur airport...drove around four FUCKING times waiting for him to arrive...asked a (secuirty cunt) "did the flight from Orlando arrive?" I was asked "why was I driving my car around in a circle?"...it's FUCKING MacArthur, there are no terrorists here and I was not going to pay $5 for parking for 5 minutes...TRIP COST ME ENOUGH...working in the EVIL apartment still with no electricity nor AC...DUH...Samuels made me jealous today...hope you got my note...so much more to say, had asked a few people to find me someone to videotape me for a day...a Day in the Life of David could be a YouTube SENSATION...let's see what happens...PEACE to MY MINIONS

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