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June 21, 2011


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Ayn Rand predicted this.

When you build up a massive Government, they need to justify their existence.

So naturally, more and more things become illegal in order to keep all the enforcers busy, employed and "needed."

More and more things are going to be needing searched, scoured, patted down, rummaged through.

Otherwise how would we justify the expenditure on all this 'keeping us safe?'

Surprise searches of trains, busses, passenger cars, whatever ...

Where's the justification if there's never been an attack on any of these methods of transportation? Did Americans really said they "felt safer" after these aearches?

It's time Americans search the TSA agents who come to assault passengers in any place where there had never been a previous attack. Passengers need to assemble around these TSA people as they "set up" for their searches.

Then they need to walk them out the nearest exit and prevent them from returning. If Americans don't do this and instead, accept this abuse any place at any time with no previous incident to give a reason for such searches, they'll never get rid of the TSA.

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