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October 04, 2010


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I don't understand what the issue is? Why should the rest of us pay for the deadbeats who don't pay for fireprotection?

So now Lynn gets her headline story from a regurgitated Thom Hartman blurb? Talk about a no talent hack! Put this bitch to bed...

defend your millionaire friends

So for $6.25 this homeowner wouldn't protect his home from fire? So be it then.

per month



There you go, teabags. This is a result of privatization and the "free market".
I would hope that there will be legal consequences for the people who watched it burn.....

There can be no legal consequence because there is no cause and no contract unless and until the $75 is paid by the homeowner.

The firefighters should sue the homeowner for assault!

You want protection from terriost -pay your taxes.
You want clean water -pay your taxes.
You want a school to send your kids -Pay your taxes
You want safe road plowed and paved-pay your taxes.
You want stable safe power-Pay your taxes.
You want to drive the roads of America and not get madmaxed-pay your taxes.
You want to go on your computer and find the internet there -pay your taxes.
You want safe food-pay your taxes.
You want to dump yout parents in an old age home so you don't need to change their diapers and wipe their asses-pay your taxes.
You want to jump on aplane and fly somewhere and get there alive -pay your taxes.
You want to go to work in a safe enviroment with labor laws that protect you-pay your taxes.

YOU ALL WANT YOUR POLICE AND FIRE so stop your bitcheing and pay your fucking taxes for the life you lead here inAmerica because there are 6 billion people who would love to pay them to live here.

VOTE DEMOCRAT for your best and only hope for a level playing field.

Does anybody know the politacal leanings of this guy who decided that I don't need to pay the fee after all my house is not going to burn and if it does I will pay it then and not again tea bag mentallity

Its there Government and the waste that makes stupid things like this happen They have money for flaky things like this http://news.tennesseeanytime.org/node/4946 http://www.tennesseeanytime.org/local/obion.html

I don't understand the point of the above links.
Planting trees by a non-profit corporation and a map of courthouses.

You like your clean air-vote democratic.
You like being able to turn on your siruis radio and have the fregency clear and free from pirate radio stations-Vote democratic.
Oh yes that reminds me, you have siruis because of the ability of the goverment to bet past the money of clear channel that tried to buy the bankruptcy of sirruis in congress but your leaders stood up for you and were able to let you listen to right wing host like_____.
You like your doctors and nurses and dentist then be glad there regulated in their training so-Vote democratic.
You like safe buildings that don't go all hatia during an eathquake be glad for your goverment and - Vote democratic.
You like being able to bring criminals to trial and if convicted to jail and know there not jumping the fench at a for profit jail then-Vote democratic.
Your worried about traveling to our friend overseas and want to keep up on the lastest though your state department then- Vote Democratic.
You like reading the story of earth 2 being found then that your goverment at work so-Vote Democratic.

Yeah I heard That hack Thom Hartman fuck this story up and blame it on republican's in Obion Co. That is not the case...This home owner lived outside the city limits of South Fulton Tn. He did not pay his fire tag as a result his house burnt down....It has nothing to do with Taxes where he live's. Only as a result of city policy where homeowner's outside the city limit's have to buy a yearly fire tag for fire protection..They only came out when it involved a homeowner who did pay to protect his property. I don't see why that is so hard to understand...By the way the fire fighter who was assulted was the fire chief of South Fulton Tn. He should press charge's to the fullest extent of the law...And one last thing libtard's check your state law's which govern fire protection, You may be suprised of what you find where you live. And stop turning little thing's into a politcal debate........

Oh no you did not imply the use of the "r" word did you.

Fire tag is just a another word for tax.
Get over it-it takes taxes to live the life you lead.

So, the County Government and the City Government did not agree to contract for fire services. (As is done all over the country in rural areas).

So the City assessed an additional tax on top of the county taxes already paid by the Crannicks.

Then, the government paid Fire Department shows up and does not assist, as ordered by the Mayor of the City Government because of the failure to reach an agreement between the City and County Governments.

And this is somehow evidence that subscription based, Republican, Free Market, privatization does not work? And that you should pay your taxes?

There was no subscription service based upon free market principles here. There was no profit motive involved here. There was no privatization involved here.

It was the Government at every level that let this family down.

Jesus, what sick, twisted disgusting fucking human beings you Liberals are.

Oh and another thing

Tax is just another word for FREEDOM.

Jesus, what sick, twisted disgusting fucking human beings you Liberals are.

See that Oh I have a small Johnny boy.

He did not use the "R" word in hs hate against me.

Policy in affect since 1990 and this is NOT the first case of the fire department letting this happen..
"I thought they'd come out and put it out, even if you hadn't paid your $75, but I was wrong," said Gene Cranick....

I don't need to have health insurance till i'm sick then I'll pay a months preminum for that 100,000 bill.

That is why mandatory taxes like sales tax are best. Don't let someone's house burn down, no matter what. That helps no one.

The Health Care analogy you are using is precisely what you Dems are in favor of. "Everyone will be covered even with pre-existing conditions."

So, again. Completely twisted.

The homeowner should have called Obama and asked him to call the Fire Department because his house had a pre-existing condition.

I deliver there all the time (We have a kill plant in Obion County) so I will be talking to the locals and see what they say about it.

Bottom Line:

Government Fire Dept. Not for profit.
Government of South Fulton. Government of Obion County. No private enterprise involved.

Gotta get to bed. 35 straight days. Gotta make that money for those taxes.

Thom Hartmann certainly implied the r word while relating the story this morning did you not hear it lib guy.....he had no contract for fire protection plain and simple. If Obion Co had fire protection as an property tax accesment no problem then. look around the country at the law. Fire's like this happen all the time in rural area's. Liberal's and the liberal media sicken me to death.....

No I did not hear The great and fine bordcaster Tom Hartman.
I was working at a military base helping build a new training center that will help Keep America safe with our tax dollars.
Our national pooled Money that allows us to live happy and free and to travel the roads saftly and lets us get our products and food from good wholesum goverment Licensed truck drivers.

So tommorow at 8:00 Am when all work and solidering stops as our National Antema is played on this base remember it is our combined treasury that lets this fine Men and women get the toold and resources they need to give their lives so you can bash and trash our country all because-whine- you have to pay taxes while they pay with their blood.

Tommie Hartman is nothing but a fucking herbologist turned mouth piece weasel. What a dumb fuck he is. A degree in herbs!!! You people eat his shit up. LOL

I wonder how many of you who post idiotic and hateful nonsense would continue to do so if face to face with people? you are weasels hiding behind computer screens. Is the pc your forum for spewing hatred? I am very glad I don't wake up next to you everyday.

i am now sniff sniffing into my afternoon tea... this time last week we were sweating like we have never sweated before, in the best possible way to sweat. gosh how i miss my dearies and their perfectly perfect doilifying ways!

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