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September 06, 2010


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Does anyone besides me think that it's weird and kooky that America is engaged in a massive non-conspiracy conspiracy of money?

What I mean is this:

- There are 2 Trillion Dollars being held by businesses and banks that they are refusing to invest or loan.

- Consumer spending is way down.

- Household Debt has been slashed dramatically, while savings rates have skyrocketed for those same households.

I missed the memo, but it sure seems odd that everyone in the U.S... Liberals, Conservatives, Businesses, Banks... even Liberal Guy all at once decided to put all their money in a coffee can.

I know, I know... 'Everyone fears another Great Depression.'

Really? Everyone? Even Liberals who love Obama and his policies?

And even in the Great Depression, sharks moved with tremendous violence to scoop up assets at bargain prices.

But no one is. It's like we all just froze. Weird.

And today Unions fucked up shit in London and France. Like the ones in Greece, this will be pitched by the press as "Anti-Government Protests."

When in actuality, they are Government protests.. government workers... government unions... protesting 'Austerity.' Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

I love that word.. Austerity. Yes, I have a house, a boat, two jet skis and four motorcycles that I can't afford. But since I'm not going to spend any more, this is called, "Austerity."

Hi all.
My money is everywhere.
Checking account.
Savings account.
401k (2)
Several accounts for family members children in savings accounts both local banks and internet banks.
I have money loaned out all over the world though a great company called----
I also have lots of loose change in tupper wear containers..
I do NOT have any money in coffee Cans.
I use Keurig coffee and their machine and highly recommend them so that is the only reson I do not have any money in coffee cans....

But I would like to offer this to the Kind gentlemen from trucker land that in the month of Aug. 2008 there was a mass finacial attack on the global money supply that lead to this situation.

Lets not forget folks that they have still never explained that and they never explained what happened a few months back in the Big finger attack.

They our goverment never also explained how this strange and mystery virus possible some said was man made suddenly showed up at the execit date and time of the first President visit out of the country that infected thousands and ended the life of another leader from cental America.

Ah but Liberal Dude do you have the weaponry to protect your home and property when the world goes to hell in a hand basket? If you are as loaded as you say you are you will be an easy target for the NRA members. The first ones we will take out are the liberals because they are not armed.

Ooohhhh. Ok.

So it was the Big Finger Secret Massive Virus Attack that they still never explained that they never explained.

That makes total sense. Thanks.

Everyone has money in the things you mentioned you have. The point is, people are saving and not spending. I'd explain further, but I don't think it's worth it.

I think it's very telling about Liberals. They make up half the electorate. They are supposedly pro-Obama and pro-Liberal policies that are being put in place.

But the numbers and the stats don't lie.

Which means, just as I've been saying, that Liberals love to attend rallys and ideas seminars.. love to talk about faith in their fellow man... working together... They go to cocktail parties or websites and speak cleverly about the Military industrial complex or the Halliburton/Cheney Black Curtain...

Then they go home and stick all their money under the mattress.

Guess they're voting more with their checkbook than with their words.


1: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them.

-Merriam Webster

I wonder why Lynn wasn't on today? Heard it through the grapevine she got a tongue lashing! More "best of" on tap for tomorrow? How can you have a "best of" collection when you churn out nothing but garbage? Maybe we have finally heard the last of her?

Oh, and grumpyfucker....you are an idiot. Go beat off!

PamAnn you just wish you would get a tongue lashing. Nobody wants to roll you in flour and look for the wet spot though.

ok, I see. There's one guy who posts here under about 20 different aliases.. argues with himself.

Took awhile.. I get it now.

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