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August 29, 2008


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Several points here - Obongo's speech at the convention last night was just plain angry, the tone of it sounded exactly like a nasty "kill whitey" speech, McCain made his announcement of choice the day after the Demo convention (or the Ass-Kissing Contest,), on his birthday and Palin's 20th wedding anniversary, on the week that the 19th amendment was passed (August 26, 1920) granting women the right to vote.

McCain just let the air out of Obongo's tires and sunk his battleship.

I just wonder avm...does obama play the "O" bongo?...kinda like a Jungle BEAT...boom boom CHAKA CHAKA BOOM BOOM and now here come the natives or a bongo BEAT NICK lets pass the BONG and then KILL WHITEY

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