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August 30, 2008


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get ready folks for HIGH gas prices and more dead BLACK people...if only someone can teach them to SWIM , BACK HOME!!...bad joke but someone has to be an ASS HOLE:)

The 10 Top Excuses For Not Evacuating
# 10 - Sheeit, my hoopty'z beez owta gas an sheeit, an fuggin Bush dint gibs me nuff wailfayah munnees ta fill da mufuggin bitch up.

# 9 - Fuggin Mookie's dawg fight beez this Monday, an it beez planned now fo munths.

# 8 - I triedz ta git on wunuv doze busses, bud de onlee seets wuz in da back.

# 7 - Day sayz onlee pack da essenshuls. Wud iz I gunna do wid all dis jenkem?

# 6 - Lets da rest uv dem vacuate. Dat beez mo fo me ta loot.

# 5 - Dis FEMA trailah I'z still be livin in looks strong nuff for dat mufugga Goostoff

# 4 - How kins we vacuate? Day clozed da Soopadome.

# 3 - Sheeit, mah pimp lefs widout me.

# 2 - I'd goze ta Youston, but Alabamee beez a long wayz awaze, Nosain.

And the number one excuse for not evacuating.

# 1 - I beez all owta jenkem. Inna foo daze, da streets be full o da shit.

Just when gas prices were starting to drop a bit. I'm sure conservatives are thinking "God sent this storm to help boost the Oil Companies God Given right to profits. Oh God Bless Capitalism."

They probably think the rapture is near. Palin for VP AND a storm to help the Oil Companies profits. Sheesh.....

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