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August 30, 2008


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Obamabots - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

That's all Obama fans can do is defend their token minority candidate that is every bit as much of a gimmick by the DNC to make history as the McCain camp with Palin, but at least she has actually governed something significant like a state. Countless black voters admit to supporting Obama just because of his race and many white voters gladly jump on the bandwagon because they have been bullied by blacks for years of "slavery angst" and do not want to be called racists, so they put on a pollyanna smile and waive their Obama signs

sorry lynn , you just dont get it.surely you dont think blacks can vote obamain do you?i saw a lot of jews at the convention.i think you have racist veiws, but GOD BLESS you.i cant wait to see your face,when that time comes

why are you talking about jews?

Go to HELL!!!! On behalf of the Obamabots

Go to HELL!!!! On behalf of the Obamabots That is what the party has said 18 million others ,we where a party of leaders not sheep ,so thank you Sissy go follow you goat herder, see you in 2012 have a great 4 years

you are a angry person avM. maybe you'll get you wish and I'll bet you won't be happy.

No longer angry :If someone votes for BHO just because they are black, they have demonstrated that they have no operating intellect. One chooses a candidate based on the issues, not the religion, color or ethnicity.

Having demonstrated a lack of awareness of the issues, these are probably the same people who cheered when OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder.

I don't want such people choosing the next President of the United (not Diversified) States. Got it get it Good .

sissy, sorry to correct you but its "BIEGEOBOTS"

lynn samuels cheered when oj was acquitted.

Maybe some of the Obamabots such as Sissy will jump ship and go back their "mother" party now that McCain has nominated someone as nasty as them for his VP.

lynn samuels cheered when oj was acquitted,you got love Lynn, if only because she speaks her mind no matter what other say ,she will not be bullied .I don t always agree but she has free speech ?

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